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ok so here's the deal...

driving...and don't worry it's not the same story as before.

ok so heres the deal...aside from the fact that i think i am going to change the blog name to ok so heres the deal...and i know that i have said that before...but i just think that it would flow better...but that's another story all together. so i was driving today...and just as the title describes not like the last post...because this one is about golfing...j/k not really but maybe i had you going for just a second or two...no? ok well i was out at school today which is approximately 20 minutes from my home, so i leave early because i have a business law final that i have to get done and what not...finish up the business law final and go to the testing center to take the final for my online e-business class get there take that exam...all of like 10 minutes out of the alloted 1hr that they give you to take the freakin test...too much time if you asked me but they didn't so thats what you get...then i go back out to the front desk to get my makeup marketing exam...not like a pretend marketing exam...but one that i missed so that i could attend epcot with a couple of departing friends...so yeah but guess what it wasn't there so i was like what the freakin crap!!!! i have to call the professor to let her know that i don't see the exam so that i can take it and what not and she is like ok well just take it when you come in tonight to take the final...so i'm like ok whatev's and then i go to the gym which, you guessed it equates to more driving, and the gym is approximately 15 minutes from the school but, if you are paying attention is not actually 5 minutes from my house...can you guess why...answer to follow. then i get home take a shower to find my brother home...yeah you guessed it this means more driving...my brother is going on a 2 week eurotrip...kinda like the movie just with out the movie...so he gets all ready to go and i get the dog...oh yeah this is going to lead to more driving...go to the airport which is approximately 35 minutes from my house...only to have to drop off my brother and turn around and go back the same way that i came so that i can drop the dog off at her owners house, which is in celebration...from the airport about 25 minutes...get to celebration let the dog out, go upstairs, watch a little bit of batman: the dark knight...on a freakin sweet a tv...approximately $2,500 sweet tv (which by the way is paper thin)...get back in the car to go home which is 25 minutes in the opposite direction to get home for a couple of minutes before heading back to the gym for some clients and then i went back to school which is approximately 15 minutes from the gym but not the gym that i was at this morning...and the answer for todays question is "yes" and i don't know why but you were probably asking yourself if you were crazy for reading through this whole list of crap that will get you no closer to anything except legal insanity...and the answer to that question is as i stated before...in the affirmative. peace to all.

l3unny OUT

By: Jared | Wednesday, April 29, 2009 at 10:12 PM | |

hey jordan this ones for you... four asians, a gator, and some random white guy!

ok so here's the deal...i have this friend named jordan and he has some strange encounters with asians apparently so i figured as i was looking thru some pictures that i have on facebook and ran across this one...so jordan this bud's for you...or pic or whatever you wanna call it. oh yeah and so the rest of you don't feel left out i will come up with something to post about for each and every one of you...so fear not the saga will continue...

l3unny OUT

By: Jared | Thursday, April 23, 2009 at 4:45 PM | |

who told you that you could change my exam time...?

ok so heres the deal, i go into class today with every intention of getting out early as always, because i don't really care about this class (marketing...) come on seriously do i seem like the kinda guy that would care about something like that....answer=no. and if you said yes, than you don't know me...j/k but seriously so i was sitting in class and awaiting to give my presentation; consisting of a s.w.o.t [strengths, weaknesses, oportunities, threats] analysis of any company of my choosing...and i know what you are thinking...i'll just use my own company...think again...cause i don't really want people at school to know what i really occupy my time with. so i chose ntt docomo, a japanese cell phone company. anyways all i did was bs the whole thing. pretty much cause it comes naturally to me to talk about interesting things to me, as i am sure most of you know it is much easier to talk about something that you are interested in than something you are not...and yes i know that some of you were thinking that bs comes to me naturally, and it does, sort of, but thats not what i was talking about...so back to the story. i finish giving my presentation and am about to grab my belongings, when the teach says to everyone, for all of you hoping to leave early today, don't because i have to go over some things with you regarding the upcoming final exam, so i am like do i really care about the final exam, answer again = no. and then i thought that i was the last person to do the presentations and then the teach asked who all needed to do their presentations and like 8 other people raised their hands so i am like, holy crap because they had to sit through mine i will be courteous enough to endure their presentations. result = bad freakin idea. i seriously have never been so ready and willing to commit seppuku [Seppuku is performed by plunging a sword into the abdomen and moving the sword left to right in a slicing motion] in my entire life than i was at that moment that i had to sit through poorly planned presentations where people couldn't even pronounce words that they copied and pasted off of corporate websites...man some people are so dumb that they couldn't think their way out of a wet paper bag...and i mean that in the best possible way. but anyways moving on...so come to find out that the exam that i neglected to take last week so that i could attend epcot with some friends that were departing home the following day, and should not have been able to take, the professor said that she would allow me to take the exam because quote "i like the work that you do in this class, and i know that you have a lot going on in your life right now." so exactly how much does this professor think she knows about me, obviously not enough to know that i bs everything that i talk about in that class, as well as don't really care whether or not i show up to class or not...maybe i think she may just be a little bit crazy...but that is neither here nor there, but i guess i paid for the class so i should take it seriously or something like that...i just find it hard to stay focused in a class where all we do is read from the book...and wow is it boring...yeah i know i am going to hell anyways so i will just leave it at that and call it quits. but then she says to me that we aren't going to get through all of the presentations today so we are going to have them on final night as well...and then i am thinking are you serious. no freakin way are we going to do this, and then she says oh yeah and the finals start at 7:00 so be here on time so we can get the rest of the presentations done before the exam starts...all along i am thinking holy crap noooooooooooo. make the people that were unprepared on their presentation day stay after the exam or something like that....don't put us all through that torture...and then she says...nope, that's the way it is going to be, and i said alright well i will see you on wednesday, gathered my belongins and departed from the class room without further ado...what an ending to a terrible class/torture...

l3unny OUT

By: Jared | Wednesday, April 22, 2009 at 8:53 PM | |

Car Lovers Heaven...well almost...only if i owned one would it be true heaven...

the true gentleman's car the Aston Martin DBS...ah the majesty, and the sex appeal...j/k about the last part i mean.

ok so look at the engine(s) if you will on the Bugatti EB 16-4 Veyron it's like having 2 Twin Turbo V8s under the bonnet. freakin rediculous.

how about the coveted $1m dollar Bugatti EB 16-4 Veyron with it's W16 engine and quad turbos, putting down roughly 1000hp/1000ft. lbs or torque...crazy.

everyones favorite Audi R8...

or the Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640

how about the McLaren V12 Biturbo Merc

the obligatory set of track ferrari's

how about an f430 scuderia...
nothing says beautiful like a ferrari f430....

listen to how angry these ferarri's sound... they are sooooo angry

anyways i hope that you enjoyed the eye candy...i know that i did... but that's just me.

l3unny OUT

By: Jared | Monday, April 20, 2009 at 4:23 PM | |

♫♯♫♫♪♯♪or something like that...this post has a little bit of rythmn to it, no?

ok so heres the deal, i have been kinda slacking lately for some reason and i don't think that it is going to get any better any time soon. but on a much brighter note....i can't think of anything♫♫♫♪♪ what is there to sing about...? good question how about music on a drive that was way too long, in a car that has way too little comfortable of racing bucket seats, on a trip that was way fun, with some people that were way tired on the way, that should've tried to keep me awake so that i wouldn't have to fall asleep on the way home......j/k but seriously i like the rythmn of that last sentance so i will give it another try... once we got to our final destination in the car that was not as comfortable as it should've been, (now i have to find that rythmn again) we saw an animal that was long and slender like it ought to have been with a tail that was sooo slender and fast moving like it ought to have been, and it slithered across the road...holy crap it was a giant iguana. and it raced across the road in front of us as we were driving down the road in a car that was not as comfortable as it should've been. can anyone guess where we are going???no? ok a little hint then...Boca Raton. ok so that wasn't a hint it was a dead give away and i am sorry for telling you the answer i really am. but anyways this has been a little bit of a change of pace from my normal posts i know, but it's always fun to change things up a little bit. and what the crap am i still doing in my church clothes...i fell asleep and was aparently snorring really heavy due to the fact that i was not seated up rightly and also due to the fact that i have had a total of about 8 hours of sleep in the last week i think that i did pretty good...enter the headaches of death and despair...the ones that feel like you have a time bomb inside of your head and it is ready to go off at any moment, but it isn't going to because then that would just cause the pain to end...instead it want's to torture you a little while longer so that you don't ever wanna do that again...but anyways that last part sounded a little emo, so i will apologize for that, i promise i will never do that on purpose again. and i have another post that i will do but i kinda don't wanna do it right this second cause then if i do then people will be like, all he does is post on his blog so i figure i will wait a couple of hours and let the ideas ferment/whats  another good word that describes that action if you know one insert it there...and get back to this in a couple of hours.♪♪♪♪♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫

l3unny OUT

By: Jared | Sunday, April 19, 2009 at 8:00 PM | |

accronyms, and a worthless post.

So this is the deal...just doing a test because i switched phones again and had to set up my mobile blogging so don't worry there won't be anything terribly weird in this ONE. why the capital ONE you might ask...and if not you should ask yourself that question...but seriously ONE reason for the capital ONE would be the idea that almost everything can have the word/number ONE in it...ok i seriously don't know where that was going so i will just stop this time. anyways if this works then i am sorry that you wasted your time reading this utterly meaningless post...not like my other posts have any meaning behind them anyways but you know what i'm sayin'...peaces. ok well it didn't work because everything was all split up into different posts so that sucked...guess i will just have to try something else...w.i.t.w. (what in the world)

By: Jared | Thursday, April 16, 2009 at 10:41 AM | |

florida drivers are great especially when you beat them...

ok so heres the deal... as i was driving home from the sams club...why was i at the sams club you might ask...well there is going to be this party @ my home with some pretty famous people/good friends of mine and i was out purchasing some goods for said party...so as i am shopping i notice that this place is freakin crowded...and i don't really wanna wait in line so i go to the photo pick-up place [it's my little secret, or yours now if you shop there...]and purchased the goods there...it is a little know fact that you can purchase anything at any one of the registers....well now i guess it won't be little known because everyone is going to know...but then again not that many people read this so it may still be a little secret or whatever you wanna call it.
so as i depart the store with the burgers/dogs/buns in hand...well of course their still wrapped silly...although the idea did cross my mind...j/k...but anyways i get onto the road and there is this freaking prick driving a bmw 530...what a freakin poser...so anyways i was just minding my business driving home...following all speed laws...as usual...when this guy blows by me and i think "what a douche", and then i pull up to him at the line at the light and you can tell this guy wants to race so i play around and just rev the engine...so when the light changes green this kid guns it...and i am still at the light...i don't think that he liked that...so i slowly approached the next light that this kid wasted all his gas to get to, and then i give him this "what are you trying to prove" look and then i did the unthinkable but if you know me it isn't soo unthinkable... i grabbed the pack of 35 ballpark beef franks, held it closely to my face whilst pointing at him and laughing...holy crap did that set him off. now mind you this is a pretty long light...so i have time to set everything back in the bag and get ready to waste this kid...oh man was it fun...so as we are getting ready to set off, this kid opens up his sun roof and flicks me off...and all along i am thinking why didn't he just roll down his window and say something to me...and why would he do that when he knows that i am going to walk all over his bavarian motor works piece of trash...and so you know the end of the story...bmw gets trounced by a car that cost half as much and was driven my someone who had hotdogs,burgers, and buns in the car...don't really know what that has to do with anything...but the only thing i could think of as i let all four wheels propel me forward in a surge of g's that only is possible in my car, and on the planet earth where....ok enough physics...but seriously the only thing running through my head was why did he flick me off before i trounced him...so anyways he was a total d bag because i was playing fair and didn't even provoke him...and now said driver probably feels like a d bag because he picked a fight when the outcome was already decided before the start...so to the victor goes the phat party with all of his famous friends and the hotdogs...or what ever...keep it real.

l3unny OUT

By: Jared | Thursday, April 9, 2009 at 11:26 PM | |

cops, pigs, wendy's, oh yeah and the story about the trouble...

so really all of the title has to do with the trouble portion of this post...so i was on my way home from wendys one monday night and for some strange reason was doing the speed limit...as i explained earlier to some friends, i don't always speed around places...but anyways...on the way home i was passed by you guessed it...the orange county sherriffs department vehicle...yeah so heres where it gets interesting...he passes me and then waits in the neighborhood that i am about to pass [this is where i begin to think, "crap i should've taken the 429 (toll road) home"] so here comes the fuzz/five-o whatever you wanna call them...and so i am switching lanes just to see if he is going to follow me, and yeah he does...so i pull out onto highway 50 and like clockwork there go the lights...so i am thinking what the freak is going on here...so i pull of to the side of the road and he gets on the loud speaker and says get out of the car with your license and registration...you know the deal, this is the first time i have been told to exit the vehicle so i am thinking wow this can't be good. already it is cold outside and now i have to get out of the car, he says to me your license is invalid...did you know that? uh no officer i didn't or i wouldn't have been driving...but in more polite verbage...cause here in the south everyone is super polite even when you know the other person is making a mistake...so i call home saying that my license is invalid and that i need someone to come get me...so to make things short, the following day, and about $900 dollars later i was able to get back in my car and drive again...crap it makes you appreciate not having to walk everywhere or rely on public transport here. cause i would shoot myself if i had to do that...oh yeah and don't bother people when they are thinking...or under stress, or really late at night, it makes them act differently...but that is understandable...just take my advice and run with it. life will be much easier if you heed my council...or you don't have to...sorry today was kinda weird, so the post is kinda weird, and i still don't have any photos of steven for you so it may be the next installment. timing, timing, timing, why is what, when, and how you say something so influential in the answer that you are receive...crap... that is all i have to say tonight...thank you,...

l3unny OUT

By: Jared | Wednesday, April 8, 2009 at 12:51 PM | |

beaches...steven...ladies...trouble...not particularly related or in order.

so i have been frequenting the beaches as of a couple of weeks mostly because there are friends of mine that had never been to the beach...or hadn't been to the beach since their arrival in florida so i kinda felt obligated to take them...but it was always fun times...like this last time for example...we went to cocoa beach, and it was fun...but before i get to that let me tell you about the trip there...ok done...it was pretty uneventful well at least on the way there it was because i think that almost everyone was sleeping...or fake playing like they were sleeping so that they wouldn't have to listen to me or something like that or maybe they were just genuinely tired...lets go with the last one for the sake of the story and for my feelings...j/k...so after we get to the beach we stand around for a little bit and when i say stand around i mean...shop or whatever, window shopping. after i decide that the store that we had entered was in fact not the store that i remember it being, and duh that's because it wasn't said store because said store is across the street...so i go and change...and hit the beach...we are at the beach and i am still a little red from the previous 2 times that i refused to wear sun screen, i just hate it soooo much...like think of your arch enemy/nemesis or whatever you wanna call it and then multiply that by 1,000 and you then divide by 35.6 and you will have the amount of hatred that i have for sun screen... sometimes it smells good but that is just like a bug to a bright light once you see/smell it your zapped/dead.  so we were making this sand castle and this is where the fun begins...steven, or zen, or king lee or whatever his name really is... for all intensive purposes which this is... we will refer to him as steven. steven is a young lad of some age maybe 5 or 6 and he offered to aide us in our quest for the best castle that could be built at high tide... steven loved to help, and stevens mother/sister whoever it was would, at random times throughout the course of the sand castle building process approach steven and force feed him a pb&j sandwich which steven would down with the greatest of ease...steven is vietnamese so he didn't understand what we were saying to him, or so we thought...and then he started talking but not to us...i don't think but come to find out little steven does understand english...so we finish the castle, well at least we were finished playing with the castle, so i speedily informed steven that he should trounce the castle with everything that he had in him...which by the way wasn't very much...really all he did was manage to kick dirt/sand on everyone, except yours truly...oh yeah and i am thinking that i probably should'nt post this until i have the pictures to show you...but then it would make it more fun to have you read another post whilst looking at completely unrelated pictures...that would be great...ok so you have something else to look forward to besides the end of this terrible blog that some people actually choose to read...thank you fans/friends/country wo/men ha ha ha...anyways that wasn't funny but i digress a lot though right?...so where were we...steven has just destroyed the sand castle with some help... how many of you have seen princess bride...thats a classic film...thats kinda what my blog reminds me of, when the little boy always interrupts his grandpa during the story and he always has to restart the story, that's kinda what you guys are thinking...but if you haven't seen the movie...1. you should see it 2. you probably don't know what i am talking about until you do step 1. end of story is we leave the beach, not burned like before because it actually turned into a tan...still not dark enough but much better than before, and so we then go to wendys for lunch/dinner, whatever and i devour 4 junior bacon cheese burgers, fries and a oreo frosty shake thing, where have those been all my life...and just to say...frosties and french fries aren't everything they are cracked up to be...sorry guys/gals. so trrouble is always waiting just around the river bend...and something about a blue corn moon...pork chop hontas always sang this song...but i think the trouble story is going to be next time with the pictures of steven and the beach...plus we found this freakin awesomely sexy gorgeous mermaid/merman j/k, at the beach...man good times...pictures to follow soon, or as soon as they get uploaded...hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge. have fun in life... or something like that...i never thought that i would be giving advice or commands whilst in the blog so i won't...life is a blast, friends are great and the church is true...don't know where that came from just felt like i should say it...outies.
l3unny OUT

By: Jared | Monday, April 6, 2009 at 11:55 PM | |

yellow cards: but not for in-gameplay un-sportsman like conduct...

ok so heres the deal...
what the freak is with the 6'4'' l3unny in my living room you might be asking.... actually if you only knew the whole story you might be asking that but because you probably don't you probably aren't asking that question... but anyways...now that i think about it i don't think that i titled my last post...what in the world is the world coming toooo.. i seriusly can't remember what day it is sometimes but this is serious...
ok so we had spring/easter egg hunt a little early at my house... so who cares... what ever keeps the little kids happy and rotting their little teeth out... that sounds really bad i know but they won't learn unless they experience it... what in the world are they experienceing to begin with you might be asking and you are asking the wrong person... if you haven't figured that out by now we need to have another discussion...but again that would be another discussion for another day and time... or whatever.
so the other day...and when i say the other day, i mean....yesterday night...not at the usual venue and when i say venue... i mean the "hop of i's" so we were at this time drum roll please...perkins...so here it goes...and there it went... no but seriously i now know why we go to latoya instead of perkins...personality... personality is everthing. and so perkins is a no go...but on the way back from the bathroom...yeah during the time that i ordered until the time that i received probably the not so best pancakes in the world i used the facilities...mostly to wash my face and wake up...i see at the host stand...there is a yellow card...not like that kind you get in soccer for roughing people up...but on it is says...free piece of pie if i don't offer you one...so i think score...people at perkins don't care about their jobs...well i didn't really think that but it makes it more interesting if i were to have thought that....so i tell everyone at the table my idea...don't let the waitress ask us for pie... the only question is how to not let her have the option to do so...well one way to ensure that they ask you if you want some pie is the pick up the card that has a picture of some scrumptious key lime pie...but definitely not as good as the stuff that i make....pictured on it...[yeah i must apologize for this one...i will admit it, it was me that picked up the card]...so on the way out i knabbed the yellow reminder card...and to this day [although it has been all of about 16-17 hours] still resides in my care.

l3unny OUT

By: Jared | Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 10:20 PM | |