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ok so here's the deal...

life in the not so fast lane.....

ok so here's the deal...my life as of late has been kinda like the fabled box of chocolates that forest gump refers to in the all time not so classic movie forest gump (nothing against the movie i just can't stand tom hanks...he kinda annoys me like a lot) but anyways back to the story of my life in the not so fast lane and what that means to all of you....like it would mean anything to you anyways...i just thought that i would try and include you all since all the interaction that you get from this blog is the occasional what the crap is this kid talking about look whilst reading it...as well as the occasional story related to one of my readers....ok so now that i have completely gone off track and everything like that you might be asking what in the crap am i reading...and here it goes...my life is not like a box of chocolates because i know exactly what i am getting out of it...how you ask...because i am a product of my choices...and guess what i have made some pretty good choices as well as some not so good choices, so does that make me a good/bad guy...answer = yes it does that is why sometimes when people meet me for the first time/when people encounter me (like an exhibit at a zoo or something they think to themselves) "is that person really safe to talk to, cause he looks like a jerk/meanie/punk to me" and if you have ever thought that which i know that pretty much everyone reading this has thought that because i know who reads this and who doesn't but anyways yeah so i can be a nice/good guy too, you just have to not be afraid of being bitten/attacked/become the product of my not so jerk lifestyle and man up some courage to talk to me...i promise i don't bite...now that i have completely gone away from what i wanted to talk about let me start over...[and i just popped my elbow which has been unable to pop for the last 2.5 hours which was causing me quite a bit of pain, i should probably stop doing that] but anyways, my life has been exciting as of late...car crashes, no car for like a month at a time, being really awkward, talking with people that know that you aren't a jerk but still play like they think that you are a jerk, loving, hating, hating loving, and loving hating but all in all i knew that it would all come about because i am a product of my choices and i love to make choices as long as they make my life interesting then i am all down for them...now that you are completely comfused and wondering if you still wanna talk to me/read my blog ask yourself what choices have you made today? oh yeah and the title states that my life doesn't really move that fast...but in reality it moves so fast that it seems like life is going slow...or something like that i was gonna try and tie something cool in there but i got so off topic that i don't have time/space to fix it, maybe next time...lated!

l3unny OUT