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ok so here's the deal...

i couldn't think of a cool title so this is what you get!!

ok so heres the deal... i wonder if i have to start every post with that now that i have changed the title of the blog to reflect that...j/k
i mean i'm open to any suggestions...but for the most part i like the way things are going...with the blog that is...

can i just say something real quick...(yeah i know i always say that and it turns out to be a dissertation on something that doesn't need to be as long as it always turns out to be...mostly because i end up explaining things like this to make sure i am understood)

so the part of the blog that i was going to really talk about this time i can't even remember what it was that i am going to talk about so.... lets try this...oh yeah the big brother crisis...over.
now i'm not one for giving up but i figured i would just stop while i'm at the break even point...but really i kinda just gave up so lets just say that i stopped before i started cause that sounds better right...?

you know what i haven't done in a while post some pics...so once i get home i'm gonna post some pics of the recent events and explain a little bit about them...beware it might get lengthy.

funny story: just the other day we were at disney and we had fun...end of that story. but if you require more detail i mean i guess i can tell you about it...so we were all around disney while in the rain (which hasn't really let up since) and we were all soaked from head to toe...and then we decided to play water ski or whatever you know like remember in the pool when we went hot tubbing...and i was pulling people behind me...kinda like that but this time it was in this order. Dimas outside Haley in the middle (being pulled) and duh well theres only one person left so that would be me on the other side...so we start pulling Haley across the water soaked street and she is sliding legit like. it was actually really cool to watch/be apart of however gay that sounds...but then we are walking to watch wishes..."WISHES, WISHES" or however that song goes...which im not gonna lie is actually a really cool show. and then as we are walking there Haley gets a little excited in the puddles of water all along Main Street and starts kicking water and it just so happens that the only grumpy wet person there turns around and gets mad...and says something like "Hey, watch it" now mind you everyone in the park is soaking wet...sorry dude but you are already way more wet than even we were...but i guess his justification behind it was that he had an umbrella, and i digress, but you shouldve seen his face when he turned around and saw me. ok picture this...cause this is the look i got when this little even happened... - a little boy is talking amongst friends and using some "not so for his age" language and then notices that he can possibly get away with saying a couple of those "not for his age" words only to find out that his mom/dad walks in right when he starts to say that word and just picture for me that face...kinda like the one of emmilie in the guest room. that face. well that is the face that this guy made when he turned around to find me where Haley was...so he thought that i was the one doing the kicking and promptly gave one of those sorry if i offended you by saying "Hey, watch it" while we were kicking water on you...just the face was priceless enough...but anyways that is the story of the day. it's all good. enjoy and don't hate me for the length of this post. i know it's crazy and all over the place.

l3unny OUT

By: Jared | Friday, September 4, 2009 at 1:57 PM | |

big brother figures have no game!!! seriously!!!

ok so heres the deal... i have come to the conclusion (all on my own, i should add) that those choice individuals who play the role of the older/caring/loving brother have the hardest time with "game" we can't play the game...now where did this come from you might be asking...(and if not then you are a big brother role ish type of person and already understand this concept...maybe) but ok so the last couple of months possibly the last 1.5 years of my life i have played the role of the big brother to a number of people and for which i have a number of stories which are all good. but let me kinda paint a picture for you if i may with a list.

Big Brother Qualities:
1. You don't judge (even when you know they are doing something really stupid/foolish/something they'll regret either in an hour/the following night/next week/9 months later...you get the picture)
2. You offer kind/constructive criticism/that kinda information for their benefit without a "hidden agenda" (trying to sneak in on someone elses game because you're close to them)
3. Offer Help/Assistance: pretty much leave your schedule open (not like you have anything else more pressing to do anyways) so that you can help in anyway possible, to ensure that your adoptees are taken care of. be it driving them places, offering a late night shoulder to cry on, offer all of the above written things, pulling back your hair when you're puking your brains out, (nice right...i thought you might like that one...it's happened before0, be the permanent body guard, DD, bouncer, protector for those whom you are with at the time...you get the picture.
4. Pretty much just be available to talk and willing to talk about any and everything that they want to talk about even though you aren't interested in what they are saying per se (but are interested because you care what they have to say, not so much what they are saying, but how they say it).... there's a bunch of other things but you know it's gonna get long and this is in no way an exhaustive resource of things that...

reasons for the lack of game statement:
1. you really do want to judge them but you can't because you have to be the level headed one, even though you feel like you should be pummeling them. telling them how stupid they are for making stupid decisions like they did.
2. you know that "hidden agenda" item...yeah no matter what other people ask you about you and that other person, you can never lead on that you secretly "do" have a secret agenda but you don't want to screw things up so you just keep it to yourself because your too good of friends to really want to screw things up, and risk hating each other in the end.
3. even though you do have things planned you have to be there for them so no matter what your adoptees are doing and no matter what you may have planned that seems important to you at the time...it's "never as important" as what they have going on...thus aiding and abeding in the whole yeah we're really just really good friends deal.
4. having to listen to hours and hours of useless/meaningless crap about how they can't stand something/one...and then saying that you don't have to listen to them but really you don't have a choice because they are sitting right infront/next to you and they don't give you the time to tell them that you really have other stuff that's on your mind and that you can't deal with their crap and your crap at the same time, but you can't because you just can't be that big of a jerk right...
5. all of the above is something that i've been thinking about taking into account the last couple of months/weeks/days/hours most of which are just polar opposites to the reasons why you just might be plagued with the same disease as me...

it's a break from the norm but sometimes the "big brother" has to go on his own. and hope that he can find someone willing to be his "big brother" and willing to be his DD/pull your hair back when you puke (not like i have any hair to pull back)/bouncer/got your back when you just aren't as tough as you thought you were/ not as cool as you thought you were...

oh yeah and i'm not dying or anything...just sayin, that's been on my mind lately and for rightful reasons if you wanna know why...stay tuned and maybe i'll tell you sometime. or you can be a real pal and let me tell you about it.... (didn't i just say that.)

l3unny OUT

By: Jared | Friday, August 28, 2009 at 12:23 PM | |

ok so heres the deal... do you ever get those phone calls from people that you have no idea who they are and they seem to know who they want to talk to but aha that person is definitely not you...and then they have the audacity to act like you have done something wrong by them misdialing "your" number... well i got one of those calls today...and just for the record i got a couple of those calls today actually, maybe it was just my luck that they all came at once or something i have no idea but anyways...so just so you know this first phone call not the one i ranted about a second ago came from the bag/purse of an individual lets call her Emmilie whilst attending church [her not me] duh 3 hours different people...come on, do i have to tell you everything...j/k but anyways....i get a phone call from said person and then i see it at the last second and wonder to myself..."ok, i wonder what that was about...?" so i promptly return the call...twice. and then i get a phone call back from said person and she's like "What?" "I'm at church!" and so i'm like "Dang, sorry you called me!!" [just so you know before said person gets offended i am completely over exagerating this cause said person would never say this, for fear of loosing a tooth where there is no 24 hour dentist available...j/k but still over exagerated] and then she's like ok well, actually i can't remember what she said but anyways...so that was phone call number 1. number 2. came in the form of an "unknown" and i generally don't answer these because duh? if the phone company can't tell me who it is then why should i bother with it...but alas i was feeling adventurous and answered...to hear nothing less than a sunday school lesson going on from inside a purse/bag whatever you wanna call it...so i'm like ok maybe i'll get some spiritual enlightenment and then after about 5 minutes of listening in...[can this be considered eavesdropping...i mean hey they called me right] i was like "nope, not for me" so i disconnected...
that was number 2. now for the final weird one of the day...number 3. ok seriously i didn't know that people actually lived in North Dakota, much less if they did actually have cell phones that work out there...but yeah, so that's where that one came from so if you know someone that lives in North Dakota...cherish them cause i don't know how much longer they'll be around...wait that sounds bad, but whatever....
those were some of the events that topped off my day...not really, we get a new batch of CP's today... and i love that we can refer to them like they are items...which in some cases they are...but those that arent' are truly special...[that last part was just to please my friends so i'll have some people to hang out with when i go out west in a couple months.] j/k actually i love all people...[sorry as soon as i read that i laughed a lot, i mean in all truth i would like to say that i do, but i don't and i'm sorry for that,,, but if you are reading this consider yourself one of the loved...not one of the batches of items that come and go with the ebb and flow of the tide or something like that.]
sufficiently weirded out yet....wait till next time... i'll have more for you. lates

l3unny OUT

By: Jared | Sunday, August 23, 2009 at 9:48 PM | |

beards are a no go!!!

ok so here's the deal...as i'm sitting around not doing a lot of anything i get this idea that i should grow a beard...here is where my first mistake was... ok so as i'm sitting around not doing anything i get that idea that i should grow a moses beard and start a fan club...but that of course as you will find out in a couple seconds of reading on isn't going to last...ok well you found out...they itch. and i don't like them in the slightest...ok occasionally they are kinda cool but not to the length that mine has gotten...and it's not even a real beard...a real beard is one that you can braid and crap if you feel so inclind to do that to yourself...i do not feel so inclined so i will not be doing that as i said before about the club being disbanded...i can't handle it...
1. i look like a vagrant.
2. they itch.
3. i don't like it.
4. i was informed of this not quite dime sized patch that doesn't grow as thick as the rest of my face.
5. therefore eliminating the whole beard ish look.
6. they are kinda gross.
7. i can't stand it.
8. it's pretty gross.
9. i can't really do what i want with it
10. i prefer the just shaved a day ago look.
11. i can't pull the statham look with a beard (i need to cut my head [face and hair] not off)

that's pretty much all the reasons that i don't like them and plus i just don't like the look of it...no hair is good...

l3unny OUT

By: Jared | Saturday, August 22, 2009 at 11:25 AM | |

why in the world do i do these things that i do

ok so here is the deal i was reflecting on some things and then i realized that i do a lot of stupid albeit funny/sounds good at the time things but anyways you all know me if you are reading this and if you're reading this and you don't know me, well then i don't know what to say to you...maybe save your time and stop reading now before you get lost....maybe that's about right...what i would say atleast. cause i don't know why sometimes these posts sound really good in my head and i have a sure fire direction and then when it comes to getting them down it's all like blah blah blah...i'm a skanky whore...ok i don't know where that one came from but you see what i mean fellow people that don't know me and are still reading this...i told you to stop. but anyways. ok so i was thinking about stuff that i have done and came up with some random crap.

1. drive out to disney almost everyday for the past like 300 months or however long it's been
3. i don't know what happened to #2 but i'm just too lazy to correct it.
2. there it is.
4. i guess i'm not as lazy as i thought.
5. oh yeah answer to #1 is my friends are freakin awesome and i think that i need to visit them/ "slash" they should come back to florida to visit me too.
6. also #1 i haven't even been alive for 300 months so that doesn't really work but you know what i'm sayin i just did the math and 24 years is 288 months so when i turn 25 it'll be 300 months, and guess what else happens when i'm 25, i get reduced rate car insurance...holy crap 25 is amazing and that is why we are going to skip all the way to that number.
26. well 25 was right on top of it so i couldn't do that it would look weird having 2 # 25's don't you agree.

ok that is the end of this post hope that you didn't wanna kill me after reading it but again if you don't know me and you are reading "this" portion you probably don't probably wanna shoot me you "want" to shoot me.

ok that is all for me folks, i hope that you enjoyed reading, and i'll be back next week, or whenever i get some more time to come up with something really random to post about...

l3unny OUT

By: Jared | Monday, August 17, 2009 at 6:48 PM | |

no one has any good material these days

ok so heres the deal...as i was out and about my daily activities consisting of the following...
nothing....hahahahahaha you guys actually thought that i did something. pshhhhh i guess you don't know me as well as you thought...
well anyways i digress...i was just thinking about how even though some people are leaving in a couple, maybe a little more than a couple but to make the story more interesting, of days it still surprises me to think that they have no material to write about...
i am sure they're busy and what not but if i have to resort to writing blogs like this then we have a seriously big problem that needs to be sorted before long....
ok so anyways i'm going to the car dealership tomorrow to look at new cars..."slash" maybe get a newer one that newer standing for 08 STi...but probably not. anyways i am going tomorrow because my brother is going to be purchasing one hence the reason i will be going to make sure that he gets one comparable to my own but definitely won't be faster straight out of the box obviously...but oh well. that is all.
man that felt good!!! you're very welcome...to that person who belched in the background...
wait i'm the only one here... what in the world....

ahahaha j/k

l3unny OUT

By: Jared | Friday, August 7, 2009 at 12:08 AM | |

catch up...

ok so heres the deal lately i have been pretty bad about posting here...for various reasons... but heres some catch up for those that weren't involved in the soon to be mentioned events. so i can't really remember where i left off so lets start from where i can remember...i was on a week long sleep binge where i didn't sleep for 5 whole days...crazy right. yeah i know it was really stupid and now i am suffering a little bit for that action right now. well with that i have been driving around a lot and i mean a lot. ok so on the first night of said binge i got home @ 530 then the following days i got home respectively at 430 330 300 and then just a couple nights later i finally managed to get home at 230 wow...so on one of these said nights after playing a couple games of pool at a local billiard when a cop tased a black guy and then i can't really go into a lot of detail about it because it would get really long and i'm kinda limited by time this time. but the black sherriff was like get on the ground and stop moving keep your hands in the air all along this black guy was moving all around and the cop finally tased him then an undercover cop showed up and then half of the orange county sherriffs dept came flying in all late and everything but it was kinda funny to watch that guy get tased. when they stood that guy up you could notice that not only was the guy in need of using the restroom before (not after being tased) he was noticably bigger than the cop. other than that the only real highlights are the funny stories that i told whilst under the sleep deprevation run that i was on. the last item on todays blog would be the beach...we went to clear water yesterday and i got toasted...and i mean almost purple and guess what my skin feels like leather. i know it's a little bit different than my previous blogs in that the humor and all over the place ness (story related) is absent that is mostly because i don't really know what is going on as my brain cells were pretty much fried in the sun yesterday coupled with the lack of sleep....aghhhhh next time it will be better i promise.

l3unny OUT

By: Jared | Wednesday, July 22, 2009 at 11:57 AM | |

lightning capital of the world and making fun!!! not in that order

ok so heres the deal... everyone knows now that michael jackson is dead, whatever yeah he used to be good now he's dead, end of story...or so i might liked to have thought...after work i get home and get ready to go to the gym...now is where the fun begins because today was not really the best day ever...i think that sometimes i have the effect of suffocating people that i care a lot about...anyways so after suffocating someone not physically, but you know where i'm going with this...i am sitting there trying to figure out how to correct/salvage what i have done to turn it around which i am normally really good at but this time i think i stepped in it too much because come to find out while i am sitting there thinking about what i can do to correct things reality strikes (the suffocatee's [which i don't think is a word but you know where i'm going with this] gpa died and i was just making it worse apparently [not that i was in the loop on that part of the conversation] instead of seeing if there was anything that i could do to help i was wondering what i could do to correct things with the said suffocatee) anyways so that was a terrible start to the day, and then i hear that michael jackson is dead which doesnt' really bother me but i started to joke around a little bit too much apparently because when i got home and then went to the gym to releave some pent up stress i get home and this is where reality really strikes and when i say reality i mean lightning...ok so let me set this up...God in his infinite wisdom was like hey jared needs to learn a lesson...so lets have someone call the landline aka house phone and then when he picks up the phone let's have it be a telemarketer that we know that jared won't want to talk to, then just as he is about to put the phone down let's send some shocking revelation thru the phone and when i say revelation i mean freaking bolts of lightning...so after that i kinda hit the ground like someone just sucker punched you in the face and then hit you in the face with a sledge hammer but a lot worse...cause then when i get back up and back to my senses i realize that my hearing in my left ear is kinda fuzzy/ringing really bad...so a little bit of blood never hurt anyone unless it was coming from their ear... and i really need those. so i am in need of a shower obviously after pounding out the weights at the gym...and then i update my facebook status, and then i write this blog after catching up on some of my cartoons...now you may be asking why isn't jared at the doctor...answer is because i don't want to go to the doctor unless i really have to, meaning if i sleep on it and then when i wake up in the morning if it still hurts/can't hear then i will see the doctor...but even then i will just be like whatever and deal with it because i don't like going to doctors because i work for one and i know the amount of paperwork you have to fill out for something really stupid like a lightning strike...well anyways i just thought that i would fill you in on why i may have to have you yell at me if you are on my left side...that would be why...anyways lesson learned maybe...well i guess on the bright side i was going to go swimming during the storm...but that could've put me in the same boat as michael jackson and that would suck to die on the same day that you were talking about him dying...i mean seriously how often does that happen?!

l3unny OUT

By: Jared | Thursday, June 25, 2009 at 10:28 PM | |

life in the not so fast lane.....

ok so here's the deal...my life as of late has been kinda like the fabled box of chocolates that forest gump refers to in the all time not so classic movie forest gump (nothing against the movie i just can't stand tom hanks...he kinda annoys me like a lot) but anyways back to the story of my life in the not so fast lane and what that means to all of you....like it would mean anything to you anyways...i just thought that i would try and include you all since all the interaction that you get from this blog is the occasional what the crap is this kid talking about look whilst reading it...as well as the occasional story related to one of my readers....ok so now that i have completely gone off track and everything like that you might be asking what in the crap am i reading...and here it goes...my life is not like a box of chocolates because i know exactly what i am getting out of it...how you ask...because i am a product of my choices...and guess what i have made some pretty good choices as well as some not so good choices, so does that make me a good/bad guy...answer = yes it does that is why sometimes when people meet me for the first time/when people encounter me (like an exhibit at a zoo or something they think to themselves) "is that person really safe to talk to, cause he looks like a jerk/meanie/punk to me" and if you have ever thought that which i know that pretty much everyone reading this has thought that because i know who reads this and who doesn't but anyways yeah so i can be a nice/good guy too, you just have to not be afraid of being bitten/attacked/become the product of my not so jerk lifestyle and man up some courage to talk to me...i promise i don't bite...now that i have completely gone away from what i wanted to talk about let me start over...[and i just popped my elbow which has been unable to pop for the last 2.5 hours which was causing me quite a bit of pain, i should probably stop doing that] but anyways, my life has been exciting as of late...car crashes, no car for like a month at a time, being really awkward, talking with people that know that you aren't a jerk but still play like they think that you are a jerk, loving, hating, hating loving, and loving hating but all in all i knew that it would all come about because i am a product of my choices and i love to make choices as long as they make my life interesting then i am all down for them...now that you are completely comfused and wondering if you still wanna talk to me/read my blog ask yourself what choices have you made today? oh yeah and the title states that my life doesn't really move that fast...but in reality it moves so fast that it seems like life is going slow...or something like that i was gonna try and tie something cool in there but i got so off topic that i don't have time/space to fix it, maybe next time...lated!

l3unny OUT

By: Jared | Thursday, June 18, 2009 at 4:52 PM | |

stairs not comfortable for sleeping...

ok so heres the deal...i just realized that the stairs at my house are not conducive to sleeping on...why do i know this you ask...because of recent events i found myself outside of my house without my keys because i don't have my car (hence no car keys/house keys) so i infiltrated the house via the back garage door only to find that once i got inside the garage the down stairs door was locked, for the first time in the 20 years that down stairs door was locked and i was in the garage...what kinda crap is that? so i go into the office and play on the computer till the wee hours of the morning trying to do somethings but ended up not doing anything except watching some terrible movies...but just to try it out i tried to sleep on the steps...really bad idea, i lasted about 10.3 minutes before i felt really crappy cause stairs just arent your very own bed...so it was back to the chair where i remained until my dad came downstairs to find me sprawled all over the office chair like i had been murdered without the blood...how ever that looks, lets just say it was really bad. well that's the story of one of the late nights that i had recently...thanks i think that everyone should try it sometime...but only if you wanna wake up with serious pains all over the place...

l3unny OUT

By: Jared | Thursday, June 11, 2009 at 11:23 AM | |

pretty much an epiphany...

ok so heres the deal... these last couple of months as i wallow in my self pity [ not even a good idea, i don't reccomend it at all ] i noticed one thing. and that one thing that i noticed is that self pity gets you nothing!!!!! ahahahahaha that's not even really what i was going to say but anyways...yesterday whilst amongst my labors of the day i met this man, who had a stroke and had lost most of the control of his right side of his body...now when i saw this guy, the only thing that i could think was "wow, he looks surprisingly happy" and his wife was super sweet. ok so now that you have the premise of my story let me explain a little bit more. do you wanna here a cute little story? if you continue reading you will certainly hear one [at least i think that it is cute, and i'm not really one to say anything innanimate is cute so just try and follow along if you will] (oh yeah and this keyboard's space bar doesnt' work all the time so i have to backspace a lot to correct some ofthe words like that "of the")anyways back to the story.

as it were i was finishing up with one of my patients, and this elderly couple comes in and was wondering whether or not i would be able to get them in any earlier than their appointed time, i take a look at the books and realize that it may happen if i move quickly, and normally i don't like to be inconvenienced with trivial things like helping other people because of their poor planning...[that's actually not true, i get a kick out of helping people but for the sake of thestory let's say that i don't, it will make it more better in the end]. so as i am mulling over whether or not to help this elderly couple, i think back on my life and...j/k. i finally decide that i am going to help them because i need some help from others sometimes too. ok here comes the mushy part, so the husband isin his 70's...a really cute little black man, sitting in his wheel chair, with which he was recently confined to due to a stroke, just beaming. when i finally call his name his face gets even brighter, and it's like playing with a small child, but ok back to the story, i am like "mr. steven [not his real name obviously] i'm ready for you." and i approach him and begin to push his wheel chair back to the exam room, now what we have to do next is funny/cute. because his wheelchair won't fit under the table we have to move him from the wheel chair to another chair...so this is great, this is where his wife stands in front of him and locks the wheels on the chair as to not let it get away, when she says to him "grab my hand, and i will help you up..." and 1. she is not the spryest chicken in the field but shes got a lot of kick/sass in her step probably so that she can deal with days like this...at this moment all strength leaves his legs and he slowly slips back into his chair, when his wife says to him again, in the sweetest voice you have probably ever heard...like one person who has gone the distance of a life time with the other could only say she says, grab a hold of me and don't let go, and we will dance like we used to...now if you could see the spring/life that jumped into this mans eyes as his wife said that you might have thought that he won a million dollars or something like that, but nay, he did not win money he won the love of his life...i just thought that it was really sweet/cute whatever.... and then once the exam was over i could tell that she was tired and when it was time to move him to the big exam chair, she probably couldn't do it so i offered to help, and when i say help i just hefted him (all of about 160lbs of him) up into the chair like child, it was actually kinda touching...but maybe i wasn't supposed to help him the first time so that i could see those two in action and get a glimpse of what every couple should share...and then she promptly thanked me and said in her sassy southern drawl "now why din'chu do that from the start?" i just looked at her and laughed inside when she promptly thanked me, and all along i was thinking to myself "no, no, no, thank you!" lesson learned today! i don't know but there was a lot. and it kinda seems like it turned into a romance novel or something but don't worry about it...i just learned that life is full of experiences like that to help us make lemonade out of those lemons that life throws at us.

l3unny OUT

By: Jared | Tuesday, June 9, 2009 at 8:55 AM | |

Life as i know it! including but not limited to:

ok so heres the deal...you remember how my car was pretty much destroyed...well no change there except that my insurance carrier state farm is thinking about not paying the cost of the damages to the vehicle even though i have fulfilled my end of the contract...so yeah, i am sure that they are going to come up with some fancy schmancy reason for not fullfilling their end of the deal...but oh well...i heard something last month ish, and was then again reminded of it today whilst at work... here it goes...LIFE SUCKS!!!? j/k but seriously... a really good friend of mine reminded me of this"it's the darkest right before it goes pitch black!!!" i read/heard that and laughed...that's about the story of my life right now... 1. car hits wall/truck, 2.personal issues (including but not limited to: friends, women, work), 3. phone issues (including but not limited to: insurance not covering it when i have been paying for the insurance since receiving my phone) 4. now car insurance issues (including but again not limited to: state farm sucking really bad and saying that i am too much of a liability to drive either of my parents vehicles, so what am i supposed to drive...my car? yeah that would be nice if you people would pay for your part of the deal, as agreed when signing up for your craptastical insurance coverage.) so yeah going back to that statement of it getting the darkest right before it goes pitch black...well i'm there!!!! aghhhh, i'm gonna need a freaking flashlight or a torch here pretty quick. cause all i can see right now is blackness....not to get you down or anything by reading this...i am sure that somewhere in this long lesson of Job like trials [not to make lite of his trials in any way, shape, or form] i am supposed to be learning something. next time i will tell you what i learned! but for the moment, all i can do is hope that someone out there has a mirror or something that can bounce some light my way!!!! hahahaha that was kinda not so poetic as i was hoping but anyways...gotta keep my head up and learn to deal!!!!! over and out major!
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surgery? wthf

ok so heres the deal...apparently my youngest little brother is in Japan tearing it up right now and then all of the sudden we get a call from his mission president...[see last post for more details]...and then we get another phone call today saying that he is in Tokyo getting ready to undergo surgery for a shattered collar bone...no i am no rocket scientist but i am pretty sure that whatever happend happend hard, and whatever will come following this experience will only serve to strengthen his testimony in the truth of this message that he has been called to proclaim to the beloved people of Japan. my little brother is a stud to the fullest! by far one of the greatest kids that i know...has always been and always will be for as long as i can see...so Drew, guess what this ones for your Bro. Love you and you better take off and run with this once you get out of surgery,,,and make sure you're off the drugs long enough to put together some coherent sentances when you call us in approx 4 hours...you are such a stud...shout out to you, my little freakin brother. tough it out, work hard, and use this experience as a stepping stone to move onto much bigger and better things. Love you [ this much ] plus a whole lot more.

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sometimes news is never good from Japan, DEWAIIF! [maybe]

ok so aside from the fact that yesterday i realized how freaking awkward i am, hopefully i'll get over that in a sec...ok now that i got over that. i feal [why isn't feel spelt like real or other similar sounding words? just asking is all] much better after speaking my mind...amazing how that works right...so let me get to the part of my being super awkward and w/o a doubt probably the worst native english speaker that i know...and yeah i know english is technically my native language but anyways...more on that later if your still a pal. but to be a little blunt i am a dork, not in all aspects of my life perse but maybe you can see where this is going...maybe not so let me take a step back annalyze the situation and take a step forward, take another step back, re annalyze the situation and then take one final step forward into the dark, one freaking giant leap of stupidity that could've cost me a lot more than i realized, but in the end it all works out, so hopefully i will grow out of my awkwardness and maybe i won't maybe that little bit of crazyness is what makes me a jerk from the get go, and then slowly helps people to realize that i am not only a jerk but also an awkward slightly off jerk...j/k but anyways...so aside from where this was going,,, a lot of interesting things have transpired in the past week...let me be brief in the explanation because most of you have probably stopped reading at this point in time anyways...so i went out last night, hence the awkward part at the beginning of this blog, then i went to go talk it off with a pal of mine, and then got a call from my dad saying that he just touched down at MCO [Orlando International Airport] and would require transit home from Las Vegas...and then yeah, this is where i just kinda wonder why things happen...so we get home and my mom is still up...so our first response is this...maybe she is reading a book...maybe she was just waiting for my dad, the man of my moms dreams to come home...judging by the fact that i told you those options and then even that i brought up the fact means that it was neither of those right...correct! my mom was up past her 9:00pm bed time -it now being 1:30am - to relate the story that my little brothers mission president had just called and woken her up...now mission presidents only call when it's serious...so we all looked a little distraught, but we didn't even know why, so yeah apparently my youngest little brother with whom is pretty much one of the coolest kids that i know, was involved in an accident where his collar bone was completly shattered, and is now being transported to Tokyo to undergo exams to see what can be done, albeit putting a cast [what kinda craptacular cast can you put on a collar bone?] or even worse having him undergo surgery!? sorry but that is definitely not something that i would wish on anyone,,,but until i know a little bit more than we are all still a little bit in the dark. i think that the only thing that is really cool about this is that my younger brother who is also serving in Japan is serving in Tokyo so i would hope that everything will go well and that Austin [Tokyo] will be able to be there for Drew [Kobe] for all of this. but who knows. Thanks for listening/reading whatever. have a wonderful day!

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ma ma ma ma poker face! (heart attacks, stars)

ok so heres the deal,  the other day and when i say that i mean...yesterday night...guess what song we heard 6 times...yeah you guessed it lady ga-ga's poker face...what a song...you honestly can't change the radio station with out hearing that song!!! aghhhhhh. but anyways so it's a funny song cause of bill and ted's excellent adventure when they are playing poker in the bar and bill says to ted 'dude you gotta have a poker face' [cue the freakish out burst of laughter] oh yeah, so that's the end of that story i think...can you tell that i have a lot on my plate right now...my thoughts are running together and i can't really think straight...not my typical blog style maybe...? who knows but anyways if you didn't figure it out then i've told you already...sooo about the heart attack...so when i was at work today...the lab technician came out of the lab looking really pale, and somewhat frazzled, she was holding her chest like she had been shot, which i was pretty sure wasn't the case because there was no gun shot, and no blood...but anyways...she looks at me and says 'aghhh' which sounds kinda weird when you can't really breathe...but i immediately told her to sit down and i would make sure that she was ok...so i sit her down in the chair next to me and procede to ask her some questions to try and keep her with us...and she says,,,"i can't breath, there is a huge sharp pain in my chest and i need some help" so i call 911 and go through the whole schpeel about what's going on and then approximately 2 minutes and 37 seconds go by and the Fire rescue is pounding through the door trying to figure out what is going on...she gets attended to and rushed off to the hospital, and i am like holy crap, what a 'sucky day' and then i finish watching nemo for the 5th time...all along thinking that i only have to watch it 3 more times today before the day is over....all along not even thinking that my mind is elsewhere...and if i were able to i would tell you what i was thinking about but truth betold i don't feel it appropriate to [it's not even bad just kinda not me...ish] it's fine. and then the girl [Cheryl Burke] who placed 2nd in the dancing with the stars t.v. show came in and was like can i have an eye exam...yeah, even though i don't know who you are but yeah, really nice personallity and what but i just thought that i would let everyone know that i saved a life and met someone 'famous' if you will...all along not even being with the flow of things today...man i have had an interesting day! thanks for sharing your time!

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