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ok so here's the deal...

pretty much an epiphany...

ok so heres the deal... these last couple of months as i wallow in my self pity [ not even a good idea, i don't reccomend it at all ] i noticed one thing. and that one thing that i noticed is that self pity gets you nothing!!!!! ahahahahaha that's not even really what i was going to say but anyways...yesterday whilst amongst my labors of the day i met this man, who had a stroke and had lost most of the control of his right side of his body...now when i saw this guy, the only thing that i could think was "wow, he looks surprisingly happy" and his wife was super sweet. ok so now that you have the premise of my story let me explain a little bit more. do you wanna here a cute little story? if you continue reading you will certainly hear one [at least i think that it is cute, and i'm not really one to say anything innanimate is cute so just try and follow along if you will] (oh yeah and this keyboard's space bar doesnt' work all the time so i have to backspace a lot to correct some ofthe words like that "of the")anyways back to the story.

as it were i was finishing up with one of my patients, and this elderly couple comes in and was wondering whether or not i would be able to get them in any earlier than their appointed time, i take a look at the books and realize that it may happen if i move quickly, and normally i don't like to be inconvenienced with trivial things like helping other people because of their poor planning...[that's actually not true, i get a kick out of helping people but for the sake of thestory let's say that i don't, it will make it more better in the end]. so as i am mulling over whether or not to help this elderly couple, i think back on my life and...j/k. i finally decide that i am going to help them because i need some help from others sometimes too. ok here comes the mushy part, so the husband isin his 70's...a really cute little black man, sitting in his wheel chair, with which he was recently confined to due to a stroke, just beaming. when i finally call his name his face gets even brighter, and it's like playing with a small child, but ok back to the story, i am like "mr. steven [not his real name obviously] i'm ready for you." and i approach him and begin to push his wheel chair back to the exam room, now what we have to do next is funny/cute. because his wheelchair won't fit under the table we have to move him from the wheel chair to another chair...so this is great, this is where his wife stands in front of him and locks the wheels on the chair as to not let it get away, when she says to him "grab my hand, and i will help you up..." and 1. she is not the spryest chicken in the field but shes got a lot of kick/sass in her step probably so that she can deal with days like this...at this moment all strength leaves his legs and he slowly slips back into his chair, when his wife says to him again, in the sweetest voice you have probably ever heard...like one person who has gone the distance of a life time with the other could only say she says, grab a hold of me and don't let go, and we will dance like we used to...now if you could see the spring/life that jumped into this mans eyes as his wife said that you might have thought that he won a million dollars or something like that, but nay, he did not win money he won the love of his life...i just thought that it was really sweet/cute whatever.... and then once the exam was over i could tell that she was tired and when it was time to move him to the big exam chair, she probably couldn't do it so i offered to help, and when i say help i just hefted him (all of about 160lbs of him) up into the chair like child, it was actually kinda touching...but maybe i wasn't supposed to help him the first time so that i could see those two in action and get a glimpse of what every couple should share...and then she promptly thanked me and said in her sassy southern drawl "now why din'chu do that from the start?" i just looked at her and laughed inside when she promptly thanked me, and all along i was thinking to myself "no, no, no, thank you!" lesson learned today! i don't know but there was a lot. and it kinda seems like it turned into a romance novel or something but don't worry about it...i just learned that life is full of experiences like that to help us make lemonade out of those lemons that life throws at us.

l3unny OUT