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ok so here's the deal...

big brother figures have no game!!! seriously!!!

ok so heres the deal... i have come to the conclusion (all on my own, i should add) that those choice individuals who play the role of the older/caring/loving brother have the hardest time with "game" we can't play the game...now where did this come from you might be asking...(and if not then you are a big brother role ish type of person and already understand this concept...maybe) but ok so the last couple of months possibly the last 1.5 years of my life i have played the role of the big brother to a number of people and for which i have a number of stories which are all good. but let me kinda paint a picture for you if i may with a list.

Big Brother Qualities:
1. You don't judge (even when you know they are doing something really stupid/foolish/something they'll regret either in an hour/the following night/next week/9 months later...you get the picture)
2. You offer kind/constructive criticism/that kinda information for their benefit without a "hidden agenda" (trying to sneak in on someone elses game because you're close to them)
3. Offer Help/Assistance: pretty much leave your schedule open (not like you have anything else more pressing to do anyways) so that you can help in anyway possible, to ensure that your adoptees are taken care of. be it driving them places, offering a late night shoulder to cry on, offer all of the above written things, pulling back your hair when you're puking your brains out, (nice right...i thought you might like that one...it's happened before0, be the permanent body guard, DD, bouncer, protector for those whom you are with at the time...you get the picture.
4. Pretty much just be available to talk and willing to talk about any and everything that they want to talk about even though you aren't interested in what they are saying per se (but are interested because you care what they have to say, not so much what they are saying, but how they say it).... there's a bunch of other things but you know it's gonna get long and this is in no way an exhaustive resource of things that...

reasons for the lack of game statement:
1. you really do want to judge them but you can't because you have to be the level headed one, even though you feel like you should be pummeling them. telling them how stupid they are for making stupid decisions like they did.
2. you know that "hidden agenda" item...yeah no matter what other people ask you about you and that other person, you can never lead on that you secretly "do" have a secret agenda but you don't want to screw things up so you just keep it to yourself because your too good of friends to really want to screw things up, and risk hating each other in the end.
3. even though you do have things planned you have to be there for them so no matter what your adoptees are doing and no matter what you may have planned that seems important to you at the time...it's "never as important" as what they have going on...thus aiding and abeding in the whole yeah we're really just really good friends deal.
4. having to listen to hours and hours of useless/meaningless crap about how they can't stand something/one...and then saying that you don't have to listen to them but really you don't have a choice because they are sitting right infront/next to you and they don't give you the time to tell them that you really have other stuff that's on your mind and that you can't deal with their crap and your crap at the same time, but you can't because you just can't be that big of a jerk right...
5. all of the above is something that i've been thinking about taking into account the last couple of months/weeks/days/hours most of which are just polar opposites to the reasons why you just might be plagued with the same disease as me...

it's a break from the norm but sometimes the "big brother" has to go on his own. and hope that he can find someone willing to be his "big brother" and willing to be his DD/pull your hair back when you puke (not like i have any hair to pull back)/bouncer/got your back when you just aren't as tough as you thought you were/ not as cool as you thought you were...

oh yeah and i'm not dying or anything...just sayin, that's been on my mind lately and for rightful reasons if you wanna know why...stay tuned and maybe i'll tell you sometime. or you can be a real pal and let me tell you about it.... (didn't i just say that.)

l3unny OUT


  1. Blogger Emmilie | August 28, 2009 at 3:26 PM |  

    Wow. That was great. Get it all out, pal. Get it all out.

  2. Blogger Shaun Mayo | August 31, 2009 at 12:30 PM |  

    3 things:
    1. I would hold back your puking hair anytime (if im not busy)
    2. 3 words... mail order bride
    3. say what you mean to say

    you rock