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ok so here's the deal...

i couldn't think of a cool title so this is what you get!!

ok so heres the deal... i wonder if i have to start every post with that now that i have changed the title of the blog to reflect that...j/k
i mean i'm open to any suggestions...but for the most part i like the way things are going...with the blog that is...

can i just say something real quick...(yeah i know i always say that and it turns out to be a dissertation on something that doesn't need to be as long as it always turns out to be...mostly because i end up explaining things like this to make sure i am understood)

so the part of the blog that i was going to really talk about this time i can't even remember what it was that i am going to talk about so.... lets try this...oh yeah the big brother crisis...over.
now i'm not one for giving up but i figured i would just stop while i'm at the break even point...but really i kinda just gave up so lets just say that i stopped before i started cause that sounds better right...?

you know what i haven't done in a while post some pics...so once i get home i'm gonna post some pics of the recent events and explain a little bit about them...beware it might get lengthy.

funny story: just the other day we were at disney and we had fun...end of that story. but if you require more detail i mean i guess i can tell you about it...so we were all around disney while in the rain (which hasn't really let up since) and we were all soaked from head to toe...and then we decided to play water ski or whatever you know like remember in the pool when we went hot tubbing...and i was pulling people behind me...kinda like that but this time it was in this order. Dimas outside Haley in the middle (being pulled) and duh well theres only one person left so that would be me on the other side...so we start pulling Haley across the water soaked street and she is sliding legit like. it was actually really cool to watch/be apart of however gay that sounds...but then we are walking to watch wishes..."WISHES, WISHES" or however that song goes...which im not gonna lie is actually a really cool show. and then as we are walking there Haley gets a little excited in the puddles of water all along Main Street and starts kicking water and it just so happens that the only grumpy wet person there turns around and gets mad...and says something like "Hey, watch it" now mind you everyone in the park is soaking wet...sorry dude but you are already way more wet than even we were...but i guess his justification behind it was that he had an umbrella, and i digress, but you shouldve seen his face when he turned around and saw me. ok picture this...cause this is the look i got when this little even happened... - a little boy is talking amongst friends and using some "not so for his age" language and then notices that he can possibly get away with saying a couple of those "not for his age" words only to find out that his mom/dad walks in right when he starts to say that word and just picture for me that face...kinda like the one of emmilie in the guest room. that face. well that is the face that this guy made when he turned around to find me where Haley was...so he thought that i was the one doing the kicking and promptly gave one of those sorry if i offended you by saying "Hey, watch it" while we were kicking water on you...just the face was priceless enough...but anyways that is the story of the day. it's all good. enjoy and don't hate me for the length of this post. i know it's crazy and all over the place.

l3unny OUT


  1. Blogger Nae | September 4, 2009 at 4:26 PM |  

    you should have beat him up jk. i'm not that mean...and you aren't a "fighter"