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ok so here's the deal...

catch up...

ok so heres the deal lately i have been pretty bad about posting here...for various reasons... but heres some catch up for those that weren't involved in the soon to be mentioned events. so i can't really remember where i left off so lets start from where i can remember...i was on a week long sleep binge where i didn't sleep for 5 whole days...crazy right. yeah i know it was really stupid and now i am suffering a little bit for that action right now. well with that i have been driving around a lot and i mean a lot. ok so on the first night of said binge i got home @ 530 then the following days i got home respectively at 430 330 300 and then just a couple nights later i finally managed to get home at 230 wow...so on one of these said nights after playing a couple games of pool at a local billiard when a cop tased a black guy and then i can't really go into a lot of detail about it because it would get really long and i'm kinda limited by time this time. but the black sherriff was like get on the ground and stop moving keep your hands in the air all along this black guy was moving all around and the cop finally tased him then an undercover cop showed up and then half of the orange county sherriffs dept came flying in all late and everything but it was kinda funny to watch that guy get tased. when they stood that guy up you could notice that not only was the guy in need of using the restroom before (not after being tased) he was noticably bigger than the cop. other than that the only real highlights are the funny stories that i told whilst under the sleep deprevation run that i was on. the last item on todays blog would be the beach...we went to clear water yesterday and i got toasted...and i mean almost purple and guess what my skin feels like leather. i know it's a little bit different than my previous blogs in that the humor and all over the place ness (story related) is absent that is mostly because i don't really know what is going on as my brain cells were pretty much fried in the sun yesterday coupled with the lack of sleep....aghhhhh next time it will be better i promise.

l3unny OUT


  1. Blogger Emmilie | July 22, 2009 at 3:09 PM |  

    hahahahahaha Dude, get some sleep. And some aloe. And don't ever get tased.

  2. Blogger Nae | July 23, 2009 at 12:04 PM |