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ok so here's the deal...

Life as i know it! including but not limited to:

ok so heres the deal...you remember how my car was pretty much destroyed...well no change there except that my insurance carrier state farm is thinking about not paying the cost of the damages to the vehicle even though i have fulfilled my end of the contract...so yeah, i am sure that they are going to come up with some fancy schmancy reason for not fullfilling their end of the deal...but oh well...i heard something last month ish, and was then again reminded of it today whilst at work... here it goes...LIFE SUCKS!!!? j/k but seriously... a really good friend of mine reminded me of this"it's the darkest right before it goes pitch black!!!" i read/heard that and laughed...that's about the story of my life right now... 1. car hits wall/truck, 2.personal issues (including but not limited to: friends, women, work), 3. phone issues (including but not limited to: insurance not covering it when i have been paying for the insurance since receiving my phone) 4. now car insurance issues (including but again not limited to: state farm sucking really bad and saying that i am too much of a liability to drive either of my parents vehicles, so what am i supposed to drive...my car? yeah that would be nice if you people would pay for your part of the deal, as agreed when signing up for your craptastical insurance coverage.) so yeah going back to that statement of it getting the darkest right before it goes pitch black...well i'm there!!!! aghhhh, i'm gonna need a freaking flashlight or a torch here pretty quick. cause all i can see right now is blackness....not to get you down or anything by reading this...i am sure that somewhere in this long lesson of Job like trials [not to make lite of his trials in any way, shape, or form] i am supposed to be learning something. next time i will tell you what i learned! but for the moment, all i can do is hope that someone out there has a mirror or something that can bounce some light my way!!!! hahahaha that was kinda not so poetic as i was hoping but anyways...gotta keep my head up and learn to deal!!!!! over and out major!
l3unny OUT