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ok so here's the deal...

sometimes news is never good from Japan, DEWAIIF! [maybe]

ok so aside from the fact that yesterday i realized how freaking awkward i am, hopefully i'll get over that in a sec...ok now that i got over that. i feal [why isn't feel spelt like real or other similar sounding words? just asking is all] much better after speaking my mind...amazing how that works right...so let me get to the part of my being super awkward and w/o a doubt probably the worst native english speaker that i know...and yeah i know english is technically my native language but anyways...more on that later if your still a pal. but to be a little blunt i am a dork, not in all aspects of my life perse but maybe you can see where this is going...maybe not so let me take a step back annalyze the situation and take a step forward, take another step back, re annalyze the situation and then take one final step forward into the dark, one freaking giant leap of stupidity that could've cost me a lot more than i realized, but in the end it all works out, so hopefully i will grow out of my awkwardness and maybe i won't maybe that little bit of crazyness is what makes me a jerk from the get go, and then slowly helps people to realize that i am not only a jerk but also an awkward slightly off jerk...j/k but anyways...so aside from where this was going,,, a lot of interesting things have transpired in the past week...let me be brief in the explanation because most of you have probably stopped reading at this point in time anyways...so i went out last night, hence the awkward part at the beginning of this blog, then i went to go talk it off with a pal of mine, and then got a call from my dad saying that he just touched down at MCO [Orlando International Airport] and would require transit home from Las Vegas...and then yeah, this is where i just kinda wonder why things happen...so we get home and my mom is still up...so our first response is this...maybe she is reading a book...maybe she was just waiting for my dad, the man of my moms dreams to come home...judging by the fact that i told you those options and then even that i brought up the fact means that it was neither of those right...correct! my mom was up past her 9:00pm bed time -it now being 1:30am - to relate the story that my little brothers mission president had just called and woken her up...now mission presidents only call when it's serious...so we all looked a little distraught, but we didn't even know why, so yeah apparently my youngest little brother with whom is pretty much one of the coolest kids that i know, was involved in an accident where his collar bone was completly shattered, and is now being transported to Tokyo to undergo exams to see what can be done, albeit putting a cast [what kinda craptacular cast can you put on a collar bone?] or even worse having him undergo surgery!? sorry but that is definitely not something that i would wish on anyone,,,but until i know a little bit more than we are all still a little bit in the dark. i think that the only thing that is really cool about this is that my younger brother who is also serving in Japan is serving in Tokyo so i would hope that everything will go well and that Austin [Tokyo] will be able to be there for Drew [Kobe] for all of this. but who knows. Thanks for listening/reading whatever. have a wonderful day!

l3unny OUT