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ok so here's the deal...

beards are a no go!!!

ok so here's the deal...as i'm sitting around not doing a lot of anything i get this idea that i should grow a beard...here is where my first mistake was... ok so as i'm sitting around not doing anything i get that idea that i should grow a moses beard and start a fan club...but that of course as you will find out in a couple seconds of reading on isn't going to last...ok well you found out...they itch. and i don't like them in the slightest...ok occasionally they are kinda cool but not to the length that mine has gotten...and it's not even a real beard...a real beard is one that you can braid and crap if you feel so inclind to do that to yourself...i do not feel so inclined so i will not be doing that as i said before about the club being disbanded...i can't handle it...
1. i look like a vagrant.
2. they itch.
3. i don't like it.
4. i was informed of this not quite dime sized patch that doesn't grow as thick as the rest of my face.
5. therefore eliminating the whole beard ish look.
6. they are kinda gross.
7. i can't stand it.
8. it's pretty gross.
9. i can't really do what i want with it
10. i prefer the just shaved a day ago look.
11. i can't pull the statham look with a beard (i need to cut my head [face and hair] not off)

that's pretty much all the reasons that i don't like them and plus i just don't like the look of it...no hair is good...

l3unny OUT