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ok so here's the deal...

lightning capital of the world and making fun!!! not in that order

ok so heres the deal... everyone knows now that michael jackson is dead, whatever yeah he used to be good now he's dead, end of story...or so i might liked to have thought...after work i get home and get ready to go to the gym...now is where the fun begins because today was not really the best day ever...i think that sometimes i have the effect of suffocating people that i care a lot about...anyways so after suffocating someone not physically, but you know where i'm going with this...i am sitting there trying to figure out how to correct/salvage what i have done to turn it around which i am normally really good at but this time i think i stepped in it too much because come to find out while i am sitting there thinking about what i can do to correct things reality strikes (the suffocatee's [which i don't think is a word but you know where i'm going with this] gpa died and i was just making it worse apparently [not that i was in the loop on that part of the conversation] instead of seeing if there was anything that i could do to help i was wondering what i could do to correct things with the said suffocatee) anyways so that was a terrible start to the day, and then i hear that michael jackson is dead which doesnt' really bother me but i started to joke around a little bit too much apparently because when i got home and then went to the gym to releave some pent up stress i get home and this is where reality really strikes and when i say reality i mean lightning...ok so let me set this up...God in his infinite wisdom was like hey jared needs to learn a lesson...so lets have someone call the landline aka house phone and then when he picks up the phone let's have it be a telemarketer that we know that jared won't want to talk to, then just as he is about to put the phone down let's send some shocking revelation thru the phone and when i say revelation i mean freaking bolts of lightning...so after that i kinda hit the ground like someone just sucker punched you in the face and then hit you in the face with a sledge hammer but a lot worse...cause then when i get back up and back to my senses i realize that my hearing in my left ear is kinda fuzzy/ringing really bad...so a little bit of blood never hurt anyone unless it was coming from their ear... and i really need those. so i am in need of a shower obviously after pounding out the weights at the gym...and then i update my facebook status, and then i write this blog after catching up on some of my cartoons...now you may be asking why isn't jared at the doctor...answer is because i don't want to go to the doctor unless i really have to, meaning if i sleep on it and then when i wake up in the morning if it still hurts/can't hear then i will see the doctor...but even then i will just be like whatever and deal with it because i don't like going to doctors because i work for one and i know the amount of paperwork you have to fill out for something really stupid like a lightning strike...well anyways i just thought that i would fill you in on why i may have to have you yell at me if you are on my left side...that would be why...anyways lesson learned maybe...well i guess on the bright side i was going to go swimming during the storm...but that could've put me in the same boat as michael jackson and that would suck to die on the same day that you were talking about him dying...i mean seriously how often does that happen?!

l3unny OUT