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ok so here's the deal...

ok so heres the deal... do you ever get those phone calls from people that you have no idea who they are and they seem to know who they want to talk to but aha that person is definitely not you...and then they have the audacity to act like you have done something wrong by them misdialing "your" number... well i got one of those calls today...and just for the record i got a couple of those calls today actually, maybe it was just my luck that they all came at once or something i have no idea but anyways...so just so you know this first phone call not the one i ranted about a second ago came from the bag/purse of an individual lets call her Emmilie whilst attending church [her not me] duh 3 hours different people...come on, do i have to tell you everything...j/k but anyways....i get a phone call from said person and then i see it at the last second and wonder to myself..."ok, i wonder what that was about...?" so i promptly return the call...twice. and then i get a phone call back from said person and she's like "What?" "I'm at church!" and so i'm like "Dang, sorry you called me!!" [just so you know before said person gets offended i am completely over exagerating this cause said person would never say this, for fear of loosing a tooth where there is no 24 hour dentist available...j/k but still over exagerated] and then she's like ok well, actually i can't remember what she said but anyways...so that was phone call number 1. number 2. came in the form of an "unknown" and i generally don't answer these because duh? if the phone company can't tell me who it is then why should i bother with it...but alas i was feeling adventurous and answered...to hear nothing less than a sunday school lesson going on from inside a purse/bag whatever you wanna call it...so i'm like ok maybe i'll get some spiritual enlightenment and then after about 5 minutes of listening in...[can this be considered eavesdropping...i mean hey they called me right] i was like "nope, not for me" so i disconnected...
that was number 2. now for the final weird one of the day...number 3. ok seriously i didn't know that people actually lived in North Dakota, much less if they did actually have cell phones that work out there...but yeah, so that's where that one came from so if you know someone that lives in North Dakota...cherish them cause i don't know how much longer they'll be around...wait that sounds bad, but whatever....
those were some of the events that topped off my day...not really, we get a new batch of CP's today... and i love that we can refer to them like they are items...which in some cases they are...but those that arent' are truly special...[that last part was just to please my friends so i'll have some people to hang out with when i go out west in a couple months.] j/k actually i love all people...[sorry as soon as i read that i laughed a lot, i mean in all truth i would like to say that i do, but i don't and i'm sorry for that,,, but if you are reading this consider yourself one of the loved...not one of the batches of items that come and go with the ebb and flow of the tide or something like that.]
sufficiently weirded out yet....wait till next time... i'll have more for you. lates

l3unny OUT


  1. Blogger Emmilie | August 23, 2009 at 10:34 PM |  

    hahahaha. Sorry my phone is a crack whore. It's fine.

  2. Blogger Wendi J | August 24, 2009 at 12:57 AM |  

    I'm glad you are getting new items. I wonder if you will get more cool ones to give cool names to, they always made me happy. I will never forget some of the really special ones, you know which ones, there are two specific ones. haha

  3. Blogger Jenica | August 24, 2009 at 7:10 PM |  

    well i hope you don't refer to me as an item from a "batch". just remember that the batch of CP's from january is the coolest, and will never be replaceable. you should just let those new CP's know so they don't try to hard and be disappointed ;)

  4. Blogger Nae | August 28, 2009 at 2:19 PM |  

    hahah...I laughed hard.. and now I fully understand why you asked me if I had any friends in North Dakota. And yes, Emmilie's phone is a crack whore.