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ok so here's the deal...

F'in rain.....crashing!!!!!!!!! into trucks and walls......crappy night!

what a great start to a night/middle of the week before the b-day. how would you like to spend your evening...probably not crashing into walls doing 360's and then crashing into trucks and trying to get out of the middle of the road afterwards...cause if that's how you would like to spend your evenings then wow you have issues that can't be taken care of by reading this.....what ever.

so i get home from the temple because it was ward temple night...and there are no lights on in my neighborhood, so i am thinking ok everyone is out of power...so i get home and everyone is like yeah we don't have power...thanks cause i can't see that...so we have family scripture reading and then me and my brother are like soooo bored because there is no power at the house so we decide to go out for some sushi...and this is where it goes wrong...

we get into my car and drive towards our favorite sushi spot "Sushiology" and on the way there i am changing lanes when all of a freakin sudden, i have no control over my car because guess what i am hydro planing...and here comes the wall....so all i can think of is we are probably gonna hit that wall and smash all of those giant divider cone things...and guess what sure enough we did...and on the rebound as i am still spinning around i see a freakin giant truck coming right at me...so i am like crap we are sooooo dead...and then it hit me, [the truck] not like i had an idea or soemthing like that kinda "it hit me". but yeah so that is pretty much the story of my night so far as i am here writing about it now. but i will let you see the pictures once i finish venting in this post accident memo.... freakin a this sucks really bad...aghhhhhhhh. why why why why!?!?!?!?!?!

yeah pretty much everything was good up until i freakin smashed into that wall and then the truck...and then waiting around for like FOR EVER for FHP to arrive...radiator completely cracked, all of the engine bay is completely pushed back up to the fire wall of the car, and then on top of that it freakin got the inside of the car soaking wet....aghhh the more i type the more frustrated i get with this event.....

l3unny OUT

By: Jared | Tuesday, May 19, 2009 at 11:49 PM | |

why don't all microwaves opperate the same way...and guess what i stepped in today...

ok so heres the deal. one day i was going to this thing at the stake center called break the fast where basically a lot of people go to break their sunday fast and grub down on some food and good stuff that isn't really healthy for you but i eat it because i am always hungry and i like to get the rings out of the cupcakes and give them to my lady friends...but enough of that...this last time i brought some chips and don't worry there will be a better explaination of this later....oh yeah and i brought some nacho cheese dip (velveta (not real cheese) and salsa mixed together) and then i mixed it up all nice and good like and then went into the church kitchen to reheat it because it just taste better hot...when much to my shagrin i was at a loss at how to work the microwave...and then i said to myself...WTHF (hahahahahaha) not really it was probably just something like "holy crap why can't all microwaves be worked the same way" (aka my english sucks so don't judge me.)...well that's the end of that story. so onto the side story about the chips...ok so come to find out the chips that my mom gave me to bring were from food storage or something like that but not really food storage it's just a back up for if i ever get hungry and don't know what to eat...well it's a good thing i didn't get these chips because guess what they were stale as desert face...(WTHF) i know that doesn't make any sense but it's cool. so i hear from people while i am sitting there munching on my cupcakes and everyone is like "whoah these chips are stale..." and i am like, "seriously" and then i laugh to myself and then i say oh cool cause those are the ones that i brought...that's awesome. actually i can't really remember the conversation exactly that transpired but it was something like that... ok end of that story too.
now onto what i stepped in today... freaking gum. i hate it...so i was walking around outside helping my mom at the mall because i don't have anything else to do...and then i stepped in it...not once, not twice, not even thrice, i stepped in gum 5 times today...what the crap is that...and then on the way back from the gym two people didn't stop at stop signs and then i honked my horn and then they flicked me off...i was about 300% ready to follow them but then i forgot that i probably would've killed them and i don't think i am ready to go to jail....ever!
l3unny OUT

By: Jared | Tuesday, May 5, 2009 at 3:32 PM | |