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ok so here's the deal...

ma ma ma ma poker face! (heart attacks, stars)

ok so heres the deal,  the other day and when i say that i mean...yesterday night...guess what song we heard 6 times...yeah you guessed it lady ga-ga's poker face...what a song...you honestly can't change the radio station with out hearing that song!!! aghhhhhh. but anyways so it's a funny song cause of bill and ted's excellent adventure when they are playing poker in the bar and bill says to ted 'dude you gotta have a poker face' [cue the freakish out burst of laughter] oh yeah, so that's the end of that story i think...can you tell that i have a lot on my plate right now...my thoughts are running together and i can't really think straight...not my typical blog style maybe...? who knows but anyways if you didn't figure it out then i've told you already...sooo about the heart attack...so when i was at work today...the lab technician came out of the lab looking really pale, and somewhat frazzled, she was holding her chest like she had been shot, which i was pretty sure wasn't the case because there was no gun shot, and no blood...but anyways...she looks at me and says 'aghhh' which sounds kinda weird when you can't really breathe...but i immediately told her to sit down and i would make sure that she was ok...so i sit her down in the chair next to me and procede to ask her some questions to try and keep her with us...and she says,,,"i can't breath, there is a huge sharp pain in my chest and i need some help" so i call 911 and go through the whole schpeel about what's going on and then approximately 2 minutes and 37 seconds go by and the Fire rescue is pounding through the door trying to figure out what is going on...she gets attended to and rushed off to the hospital, and i am like holy crap, what a 'sucky day' and then i finish watching nemo for the 5th time...all along thinking that i only have to watch it 3 more times today before the day is over....all along not even thinking that my mind is elsewhere...and if i were able to i would tell you what i was thinking about but truth betold i don't feel it appropriate to [it's not even bad just kinda not me...ish] it's fine. and then the girl [Cheryl Burke] who placed 2nd in the dancing with the stars t.v. show came in and was like can i have an eye exam...yeah, even though i don't know who you are but yeah, really nice personallity and what but i just thought that i would let everyone know that i saved a life and met someone 'famous' if you will...all along not even being with the flow of things today...man i have had an interesting day! thanks for sharing your time!

l3unny OUT


  1. Blogger Emmilie | June 2, 2009 at 11:25 PM |  

    Okay, first, my my my poker face, my my poker face. Second, holy crap. Good thing you saved a life. Third, wow. Too bad it wasn't that chick that you thought was super hot, oh wait, I mean beautiful. I forget her name. Carrie something. Don't even worry about it. It's fine. Fourth, um, is your lab tech okay? wow... Fifth, thank you, and goodnight.