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ok so here's the deal...

who told you that you could change my exam time...?

ok so heres the deal, i go into class today with every intention of getting out early as always, because i don't really care about this class (marketing...) come on seriously do i seem like the kinda guy that would care about something like that....answer=no. and if you said yes, than you don't know me...j/k but seriously so i was sitting in class and awaiting to give my presentation; consisting of a s.w.o.t [strengths, weaknesses, oportunities, threats] analysis of any company of my choosing...and i know what you are thinking...i'll just use my own company...think again...cause i don't really want people at school to know what i really occupy my time with. so i chose ntt docomo, a japanese cell phone company. anyways all i did was bs the whole thing. pretty much cause it comes naturally to me to talk about interesting things to me, as i am sure most of you know it is much easier to talk about something that you are interested in than something you are not...and yes i know that some of you were thinking that bs comes to me naturally, and it does, sort of, but thats not what i was talking about...so back to the story. i finish giving my presentation and am about to grab my belongings, when the teach says to everyone, for all of you hoping to leave early today, don't because i have to go over some things with you regarding the upcoming final exam, so i am like do i really care about the final exam, answer again = no. and then i thought that i was the last person to do the presentations and then the teach asked who all needed to do their presentations and like 8 other people raised their hands so i am like, holy crap because they had to sit through mine i will be courteous enough to endure their presentations. result = bad freakin idea. i seriously have never been so ready and willing to commit seppuku [Seppuku is performed by plunging a sword into the abdomen and moving the sword left to right in a slicing motion] in my entire life than i was at that moment that i had to sit through poorly planned presentations where people couldn't even pronounce words that they copied and pasted off of corporate websites...man some people are so dumb that they couldn't think their way out of a wet paper bag...and i mean that in the best possible way. but anyways moving on...so come to find out that the exam that i neglected to take last week so that i could attend epcot with some friends that were departing home the following day, and should not have been able to take, the professor said that she would allow me to take the exam because quote "i like the work that you do in this class, and i know that you have a lot going on in your life right now." so exactly how much does this professor think she knows about me, obviously not enough to know that i bs everything that i talk about in that class, as well as don't really care whether or not i show up to class or not...maybe i think she may just be a little bit crazy...but that is neither here nor there, but i guess i paid for the class so i should take it seriously or something like that...i just find it hard to stay focused in a class where all we do is read from the book...and wow is it boring...yeah i know i am going to hell anyways so i will just leave it at that and call it quits. but then she says to me that we aren't going to get through all of the presentations today so we are going to have them on final night as well...and then i am thinking are you serious. no freakin way are we going to do this, and then she says oh yeah and the finals start at 7:00 so be here on time so we can get the rest of the presentations done before the exam starts...all along i am thinking holy crap noooooooooooo. make the people that were unprepared on their presentation day stay after the exam or something like that....don't put us all through that torture...and then she says...nope, that's the way it is going to be, and i said alright well i will see you on wednesday, gathered my belongins and departed from the class room without further ado...what an ending to a terrible class/torture...

l3unny OUT