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ok so here's the deal...

beaches...steven...ladies...trouble...not particularly related or in order.

so i have been frequenting the beaches as of a couple of weeks mostly because there are friends of mine that had never been to the beach...or hadn't been to the beach since their arrival in florida so i kinda felt obligated to take them...but it was always fun times...like this last time for example...we went to cocoa beach, and it was fun...but before i get to that let me tell you about the trip there...ok done...it was pretty uneventful well at least on the way there it was because i think that almost everyone was sleeping...or fake playing like they were sleeping so that they wouldn't have to listen to me or something like that or maybe they were just genuinely tired...lets go with the last one for the sake of the story and for my feelings...j/k...so after we get to the beach we stand around for a little bit and when i say stand around i mean...shop or whatever, window shopping. after i decide that the store that we had entered was in fact not the store that i remember it being, and duh that's because it wasn't said store because said store is across the street...so i go and change...and hit the beach...we are at the beach and i am still a little red from the previous 2 times that i refused to wear sun screen, i just hate it soooo much...like think of your arch enemy/nemesis or whatever you wanna call it and then multiply that by 1,000 and you then divide by 35.6 and you will have the amount of hatred that i have for sun screen... sometimes it smells good but that is just like a bug to a bright light once you see/smell it your zapped/dead.  so we were making this sand castle and this is where the fun begins...steven, or zen, or king lee or whatever his name really is... for all intensive purposes which this is... we will refer to him as steven. steven is a young lad of some age maybe 5 or 6 and he offered to aide us in our quest for the best castle that could be built at high tide... steven loved to help, and stevens mother/sister whoever it was would, at random times throughout the course of the sand castle building process approach steven and force feed him a pb&j sandwich which steven would down with the greatest of ease...steven is vietnamese so he didn't understand what we were saying to him, or so we thought...and then he started talking but not to us...i don't think but come to find out little steven does understand english...so we finish the castle, well at least we were finished playing with the castle, so i speedily informed steven that he should trounce the castle with everything that he had in him...which by the way wasn't very much...really all he did was manage to kick dirt/sand on everyone, except yours truly...oh yeah and i am thinking that i probably should'nt post this until i have the pictures to show you...but then it would make it more fun to have you read another post whilst looking at completely unrelated pictures...that would be great...ok so you have something else to look forward to besides the end of this terrible blog that some people actually choose to read...thank you fans/friends/country wo/men ha ha ha...anyways that wasn't funny but i digress a lot though right?...so where were we...steven has just destroyed the sand castle with some help... how many of you have seen princess bride...thats a classic film...thats kinda what my blog reminds me of, when the little boy always interrupts his grandpa during the story and he always has to restart the story, that's kinda what you guys are thinking...but if you haven't seen the movie...1. you should see it 2. you probably don't know what i am talking about until you do step 1. end of story is we leave the beach, not burned like before because it actually turned into a tan...still not dark enough but much better than before, and so we then go to wendys for lunch/dinner, whatever and i devour 4 junior bacon cheese burgers, fries and a oreo frosty shake thing, where have those been all my life...and just to say...frosties and french fries aren't everything they are cracked up to be...sorry guys/gals. so trrouble is always waiting just around the river bend...and something about a blue corn moon...pork chop hontas always sang this song...but i think the trouble story is going to be next time with the pictures of steven and the beach...plus we found this freakin awesomely sexy gorgeous mermaid/merman j/k, at the beach...man good times...pictures to follow soon, or as soon as they get uploaded...hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge. have fun in life... or something like that...i never thought that i would be giving advice or commands whilst in the blog so i won't...life is a blast, friends are great and the church is true...don't know where that came from just felt like i should say it...outies.
l3unny OUT


  1. Blogger Shaun Mayo | April 8, 2009 at 7:24 PM |  

    that was by far the hardest of your stories to follow

  2. Blogger Jared | April 9, 2009 at 12:05 AM |  

    yeah, you know i actually never read them after i post them, but reading this one again is really hard to follow, i mean i would be lost if it hadn't happened to me personally...wow definitely gotta work on that.