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ok so here's the deal...

accronyms, and a worthless post.

So this is the deal...just doing a test because i switched phones again and had to set up my mobile blogging so don't worry there won't be anything terribly weird in this ONE. why the capital ONE you might ask...and if not you should ask yourself that question...but seriously ONE reason for the capital ONE would be the idea that almost everything can have the word/number ONE in it...ok i seriously don't know where that was going so i will just stop this time. anyways if this works then i am sorry that you wasted your time reading this utterly meaningless post...not like my other posts have any meaning behind them anyways but you know what i'm sayin'...peaces. ok well it didn't work because everything was all split up into different posts so that sucked...guess i will just have to try something else...w.i.t.w. (what in the world)