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ok so here's the deal...

florida drivers are great especially when you beat them...

ok so heres the deal... as i was driving home from the sams club...why was i at the sams club you might ask...well there is going to be this party @ my home with some pretty famous people/good friends of mine and i was out purchasing some goods for said party...so as i am shopping i notice that this place is freakin crowded...and i don't really wanna wait in line so i go to the photo pick-up place [it's my little secret, or yours now if you shop there...]and purchased the goods there...it is a little know fact that you can purchase anything at any one of the registers....well now i guess it won't be little known because everyone is going to know...but then again not that many people read this so it may still be a little secret or whatever you wanna call it.
so as i depart the store with the burgers/dogs/buns in hand...well of course their still wrapped silly...although the idea did cross my mind...j/k...but anyways i get onto the road and there is this freaking prick driving a bmw 530...what a freakin poser...so anyways i was just minding my business driving home...following all speed laws...as usual...when this guy blows by me and i think "what a douche", and then i pull up to him at the line at the light and you can tell this guy wants to race so i play around and just rev the engine...so when the light changes green this kid guns it...and i am still at the light...i don't think that he liked that...so i slowly approached the next light that this kid wasted all his gas to get to, and then i give him this "what are you trying to prove" look and then i did the unthinkable but if you know me it isn't soo unthinkable... i grabbed the pack of 35 ballpark beef franks, held it closely to my face whilst pointing at him and laughing...holy crap did that set him off. now mind you this is a pretty long light...so i have time to set everything back in the bag and get ready to waste this kid...oh man was it fun...so as we are getting ready to set off, this kid opens up his sun roof and flicks me off...and all along i am thinking why didn't he just roll down his window and say something to me...and why would he do that when he knows that i am going to walk all over his bavarian motor works piece of trash...and so you know the end of the story...bmw gets trounced by a car that cost half as much and was driven my someone who had hotdogs,burgers, and buns in the car...don't really know what that has to do with anything...but the only thing i could think of as i let all four wheels propel me forward in a surge of g's that only is possible in my car, and on the planet earth where....ok enough physics...but seriously the only thing running through my head was why did he flick me off before i trounced him...so anyways he was a total d bag because i was playing fair and didn't even provoke him...and now said driver probably feels like a d bag because he picked a fight when the outcome was already decided before the start...so to the victor goes the phat party with all of his famous friends and the hotdogs...or what ever...keep it real.

l3unny OUT


  1. Blogger Emmilie | April 10, 2009 at 1:58 AM |  

    you would.