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ok so here's the deal...

driving...and don't worry it's not the same story as before.

ok so heres the deal...aside from the fact that i think i am going to change the blog name to ok so heres the deal...and i know that i have said that before...but i just think that it would flow better...but that's another story all together. so i was driving today...and just as the title describes not like the last post...because this one is about golfing...j/k not really but maybe i had you going for just a second or two...no? ok well i was out at school today which is approximately 20 minutes from my home, so i leave early because i have a business law final that i have to get done and what not...finish up the business law final and go to the testing center to take the final for my online e-business class get there take that exam...all of like 10 minutes out of the alloted 1hr that they give you to take the freakin test...too much time if you asked me but they didn't so thats what you get...then i go back out to the front desk to get my makeup marketing exam...not like a pretend marketing exam...but one that i missed so that i could attend epcot with a couple of departing friends...so yeah but guess what it wasn't there so i was like what the freakin crap!!!! i have to call the professor to let her know that i don't see the exam so that i can take it and what not and she is like ok well just take it when you come in tonight to take the final...so i'm like ok whatev's and then i go to the gym which, you guessed it equates to more driving, and the gym is approximately 15 minutes from the school but, if you are paying attention is not actually 5 minutes from my house...can you guess why...answer to follow. then i get home take a shower to find my brother home...yeah you guessed it this means more driving...my brother is going on a 2 week eurotrip...kinda like the movie just with out the movie...so he gets all ready to go and i get the dog...oh yeah this is going to lead to more driving...go to the airport which is approximately 35 minutes from my house...only to have to drop off my brother and turn around and go back the same way that i came so that i can drop the dog off at her owners house, which is in celebration...from the airport about 25 minutes...get to celebration let the dog out, go upstairs, watch a little bit of batman: the dark knight...on a freakin sweet a tv...approximately $2,500 sweet tv (which by the way is paper thin)...get back in the car to go home which is 25 minutes in the opposite direction to get home for a couple of minutes before heading back to the gym for some clients and then i went back to school which is approximately 15 minutes from the gym but not the gym that i was at this morning...and the answer for todays question is "yes" and i don't know why but you were probably asking yourself if you were crazy for reading through this whole list of crap that will get you no closer to anything except legal insanity...and the answer to that question is as i stated before...in the affirmative. peace to all.

l3unny OUT