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ok so here's the deal...

school's for fools, look @ me / "hell"icopter

so, i was supposed to have class this morning, but because of other incidents that led up to me missing class this morning i was not able to wake up in a timely fashion. so here is goes. last night a party was held for one of our departing friends (lakesha) and we were just up all night making a whole bunch of noise so that no one could possibly sleep. but more to the point everyone started to show up, and it got even more noisy. but that actually has nothing to do with the story, so fast forward to when we started looking at pictures of people and stuff. we were sitting on the couch just doing our thing when it got really crazy. but before that i started to amend the menu/facebook/ward directory with the nicknames that have been given to people to signify their life styles if you will. when the cookies showed up, and by cookies i mean someone. anyone reading this that doesn't understand who the cookies are don't worry about it because only those of us who know what it is are going to be on my "hell"icopter. so we were looking at pictures and being stupid when the cookies wanted in on the fun... the rest is history because it would be a really long blog if i went through everything that was done, but cookies are like "essays", not like the term paper, but we are going to refer to them as "s.a." (again if you don't know what i stands for don't worry about it, or just read the red letters). the cookies one you are going to have to figure out on your own. ok so after i left i drove home and went to bed. but when i heard my alarm go off in the morning i was not the only one awake so i told myself that i would let my brother use the shower because he has work before i have school and told myself that i would be able to stay half and half asleep/awake while he took a shower only to find out that once i awoke from my slumber it was aleady 8:45 and my class started at 8:30 plus the commute time so i skipped the only class that i really like and the only class that i really need to attend in order to stay up with the lectures. life lesson learned, don't go back to bed, if your me and you need to be somewhere in the morning.
l3unny OUT

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  1. Blogger Secret Jimma Jamma | March 20, 2009 at 2:03 AM |  

    over mountains and crap.

  2. Blogger Jared | March 21, 2009 at 6:24 PM |  

    yeah definitely over all the mountains and crap... or we can fly in the "hell"icopter.