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ok so here's the deal...

only in the south... "plain but perfect" / don't worry i'm not angry. seriously

ok so the titles above are completely unrelated to each other aside from the fact that i am going to talk about them at the same time. ok so the first one first. only in the south...
how many of you so far have tried to call someone only to be greeted by their voice mail... i hate voice mails (not all vm but in general, some are really clever) for this reason i hate listening to all the options that you have about leaving the message, like how many of you have heard this one... if you would like leave a message for "so and so" wait for the tone or press 1 for leaving it now... or what ever they say, why don't they say that first, oh yeah and this one press 1 for english, WTF (probably the only time i will use capital letters during these stories) i can't start on this one yet because i don't think that you are ready for it, and i think you can understand where it would be going anyways... so now you have something to look forward to. oh yeah so back to the story at hand, it bothers me when people say have a blessed day... what is that supposed to mean? like me calling you and not getting to tell you the urgent business that i have to tell you, but instead getting to leave you a crappy vm instead is going to make my day any more blessed than it already was before i had to go through all of that crap to even leave you one... yeah right. but it is kinda comical because sometimes you get a really good one... "i hope that you have a blessed day in our lord Jesus Christ, who died for all of us here on this wonderful planet that we all call home." seriously whose idea was it to have a vm that says that... i mean i am all for religion because that is what i do, but i don't need hear that before i leave you a vm that has nothing to do with anything anyways. ok that was it only in the south have i ever heard something like that.

ok so moving on. this morning i am at work and i go to panera to get some breakfast... don't worry i wasn't depressed or anything like that, and no i didn't throw my cup on the table everytime that i took a sip, mostly because i got take out... hahaha. ok so i go to get some breakfast and there is a know fact that jared, aka me, loves plain bagels and plain cream cheese, if i don't know what to get, make it plain and it works perfect. i have what some may consider a childs pallet/simple foods are awesome. but on today, i went to panera and asked for a plain bagel as always, and plain cream cheese, and they again looked at me like i was speaking a foreign language, their reply was, as they look behind them and then back at me with the "can't you see that we are out of bagels" look... so i say to them "what happened", "well someone came in this morning and ordered them all", as i think to myself, "someone" who could possibly need every single panera bagel that early in the morning? so then i ask for a croissant (how ever you spell it), no luck... what about orange juice, "nope", ok so here is what i said "well since you seem to be out of everything that i want, why don't you tell me what you have that i can eat." again with the dirty look. i must have "give me a dirty look, cause i love them" stamped on my forehead because i have been getting them a lot lately. don't worry i didn't throw a fit or anything like that, i played it cool, like.....something, i couldn't think of anything. but back to the point it may sound like i am mad but i'm not, nor am i ever mad at these kinds of life events, because one of these days i am going to look back at them and laugh at myself for it.

crap these things are always really long...next ones short i promise.
l3unny OUT

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  1. Blogger Emmilie | March 20, 2009 at 12:40 AM |  

    Dude, your life is freakin' awesome. Just so you are aware.

  2. Blogger Jared | March 21, 2009 at 6:25 PM |  

    sure sure... but only all these really crazy things started happening after i started hanging out with all of you guys... so take it for what it's worth.