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ok so here's the deal...

ok so heres the deal... daytona beach / and church the following day...(more next time)

ok so heres the deal... yesterday, as i recall was the day that i woke up early because i really didn't have a choice in the matter because the previous nights i have been spending a wide array of different places... namely in my car or at some friends apartments... so i guess it isn't really that wide of an array of places but anyways... you know what i am getting at, so back to the story that i was telling... so i wake up and first of all because i know all of you that read this think that i have (add) or whatever so i say to that whatev's. but seriously the night before i was coming home and as i was walking by the guest room (because i have to pass that way on the way to my quarters) all that i can hear is the sounds of a wild creature sleeping (and snorring and ever sooooo loudly) so as i am walking by i have to do a double take because i knew that we would be getting an exchange student / coordinator / chaperone that night but i didn't know that it would be in the form of a hibernating bear or something like that... by the way she is not a bear but a tiny little woman of no more than 4 feet 5 inches in height, and that amount of noise was coming out of such a tiny little body... so crazy. ok so again back to the original story... man i am so bad at this it isn't funny. so i wake up on what is now saturday morning having received a whopping 3 hours of sleep because i am awake for my walk... not really my walk but you know what i am getting at. my mom organized a walk for autism at the mall that she manages and asked if i would be there to help... so of course being the obedient son that i am j/k agreed to help, but i also had work following that so i was still in the same place but i was just doing something different... anyways so the walk is over and i am heading to pick up some friends so that we can go to the beach and play in the ocean... hoooorah. anyways so we (and i mean i) get to the designated meeting spot and no one is there........... so i am like what in the crap... but before that happens i had to wake someone up... sorry bout that you know who you are. well anyways so we and now there are just two people here... myself and you know who you are (emmilie) well anyways we get in the car and we are off on our way to the beach as i stated earlier... so we get almost to daytona when i am hungry (and some of these events maybe out of chronological order or whatever but it doesn't change the story at all, i don't think) so we go to chik' fil' a or however you spell it and this is probably the most craziest, busiest chik' fil' a that i have ever seen... like wow... this place is really busy... busy. so we sit down and eat... and then we go... get to the beach... and i realized that i didn't have any cash on me so i turn to my right and ask my assistant if she has any cash... "no" is the reply. so i think to myself what a wonderful world... not really i was just thinking that maybe we don't have to park on the beach but i think that when you go to daytona you just have to park on the beach... and it was only 5 dollars or something like that... and then this marvelous idea comes to my mind... there is a green creature staring me right in the face from underneath my radio... dah dah dahhhh (cue the crazy sound effects and music)... those of you who have had the near death experiences [they aren't really] that occur in my vehicle and have seen the amazing assortment of creatures (and when i say creatures i mean stuffed animal like things) that are populating my car can attest to this... well this creature or frog...also doubles as a coin purse... and so i pull up to the gate and say, already knowing the answer to the question i was about to pose to the tenant... "you guys don't take cards do you?" duh why would a beach gate take credit cards... so anyways he says "Nope", and so i get this slyish grin (i think or maybe i was just thinking i had a sly grin on my face) and decide to dump the contents of the frog into the tenants hands and then he looks at me with this face like... you think that i am going to count this... and i know that there was atleast $3.50 in there so they weren't going to be loosing money or anything like that ('cause lets face it it's freakin' highway robbery anyways, pay to park on the beach what kinda crap is that) so he looks at me and asks how much is there and i say i'm not sure but all of the quarters were on the top so it probably looked like there was more than there really was. and here it comes again.... cue the disgusted look... "whatever, just go!", and as i think to myself "freak yeah!" i just drive right on through. driving through thinking "take that man at the beach that wants to charge people to park on the beach for way more than it should be 'cause it should be free". you just gotta know how to work the system...j/k.

ok so now were on the beach and finding a place to park the car...park the car, and then find a place to change...change at the hotel...walk back to the beach...grab the frisbee and throw that around for 2 hours...wow really long time...so during this 2 hours of frisbee tossing experience it is difficult to make it fly correctly because the wind was blowing like crazy. enter the crazy little chubby kid that was running into the water... i guess you can't really call it running because it was more like shuffling... so when he would get to the water he would just stand in the sand and throw his arms out to his sides and pretend like he was surfing...funnier than it was cute, but anyways so after that we start to get ready to head back home and of course i have to listen to some r&b/hip-hop on the way out because everyone and their mom can recognize that sound... and plus the beach was full of the gangsta' type people. so i get a kick out of it and it lately has been the same song... akon - beautiful. so as we roll out onto the main street back home everyone gives us the look like "oh yeah, that's a great jam"/ or whatever people say when put into that situation. so we are back on the i4 and there is a fog warning but intead of fog it says accident ahead... get a little bit closer and realize that the forest is on fire... pretty crazy so the only thing that i can think of that would cause that would be someone accidentally flicking a burning cancer stick out the side of their car whilst traveling down the interstate...get home through the traffic...and go change at the house and head back to the place that i have been spending a lot of time... yeah you guessed it chatham. (more on that next time)
l3unny OUT