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ok so here's the deal...

my mind is like a rubix cube... think too much and you'll never solve it!....naked tuesday!

ok this one should be pretty short... but i'm sure that you have heard that before... so the other day, and i mean last night... we went hot tub hopping...(say that 10 times fast), and again out numbered my the women folk...don't worry that is in no way a complaint...so first stop is coronado springs... we get to coronado springs, and i have to find the facilities because i have to change, as i had just come from work...so i enter the mens room only to be greeted by a screaming child, who had just been verbally berated by his father for letting his pants touch the floor...(isn't disney such a happy place...) if i recall correctly this is how it went down... father: "don't let your pants touch the ground! do you know how many people pee right on the floor...?!" son:"i can't hold them up while i use the bathroom..." [of course here i am listening to this and my pants are on the floor...] but i don't care because i just don't care and there was no standing liquid on the floor... so i come out of the facilities and that little kid is just standing there with his pants all the way around his ankles crying his eyes out with his dad just standing there...i honestly was thinking..."wtf is this guy doing... he's just trying to use the facilities.. let him be!" but then i figured i didn't wanna have to beat this guy up in front of his kid, that might do more damage to him than the verbal onslaugt that he was alrady experiencing...and i don't think that i would have done it anyways...but i did think about it... fast forward to the hot tub... it's warm, and full of people...f.f. some more and we are now driving around disney property because i thought we were going to fort wilderness but, we were actually going to the wilderness lodge, big difference... so we go and get in the real hot, hot tub and oh wow... it's pretty hot, but backing up just a little bit... before we get into the hot tub at coronado springs... shaun looks at me and says... dude... and of course i am like "stop!" but anyways he goes on to say "dude, if i had your body i would be making out with a new girl every night..." the truth of the matter is yes shaun you are probably right... but i can't do that.... lacking in the skills with the ladies dept.... and then he goes on to say...what i deem the most awkward comment of the night..."what if we had a kid...?" ok aside from the fact that we are at gay central disney, and this comment comes out...he clarifies... well then a kid with your body, and my personality, yeah that kid would be awesome... [obviously paraphrasing that a little bit], and yes shaun i will let you have that one... not the kid of course... ok change of subject because this one just got a little gay...

so after we hit all of the hot tubs we could handle... all two of them. we head out to get some food because i am always hungry...and where do we decide to go.... hahaha... not ihop this time... but i know that you were thinking it. we went to steak and shake, cuz last time we wanted to go they said that it was going to be a 30 min wait... and we were like ok time for the wendies... ok so after the meal i ask the cashier what the green piece of paper is on the cash register is, with all of the crazy funked out letters and no vowels stands for and she says turing to her left to look at the wall and says something for jerries kids or something like that...alright cue awkward comment time "ah, freakin a, i just wanted you to tell me what those letters stand for, don't really care about the kids" now doesn't that last comment make me sound like a terrible person... yes, it does, but i don't think that i am,,, maybe somepeople do but the fact of the matter is it was just an awkward comment that fit perfectly into my life as of late... thank you people of chatham...
l3unny OUT


  1. Blogger Emmilie | March 25, 2009 at 11:57 PM |  

    Jared, that was hilarious. I laughed out loud, and I'm pretty sure that my roommate now thinks I am crazy. Word.