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ok so here's the deal...

getting pushed over the edge...and out of the compound

ok so heres the deal...[i think i might change the title of the blog to "ok so heres the deal..."] because it seems like everytime i start it starts with that intro... but a talk for another time.
todays topic of discussion is... da da da dah......swimming/movies/sleeping
yeah i know what you are thinking... what in the world do these things have in common, answer, nothing except that they all happend to me...
so the first one is going to be sleeping and movies... short i know but ok so i was watching a film at some peeps house and fell asleep watching it... thereby causing a lot of ruckus...how you might ask.. no i don't snore or anything like that...but once the movie [meet the robinsons] was over i go downstairs to find that there are two rent a cops outside of my car, trying to figure out what to do i just go over and open the door and they ask the most intelligent question of all: "is this your car?" ""duh, dude did you not just see me open the door?", come on now, i know you had to have atleast passed some schooling to get this job, but come on. "is that my car?" come on dude. so they say well you have to go up to the front so we can make a copy of your id so that we can ban you for the rest of your life from coming to chatham...[is it spelled with 2 h's or 1?] but anyways.... so i left all of my stuff at shauns house beceause i changed clothes at his house because we went to typhoon lagoon, but i had to leave all of my clothes at his house...and then drove home... freaking prison is what it is... but anyways i digress, and anyways it will all work out, becuase people at chatham were probably like...finally that kid won't be able to come over anyways... soooo, it will work out i promise.

and swimming... do you know how cold the water is at my house....? freaking cold. so i had school this afternoon with one of my favorite professors...finished taking my exam while everyone was still complaining and asking questions about the homework that was due 3 weeks ago, and mind you i haven't been to class in a couple of weeks...thats just how awesome i am...j/k. but seriously after i take the exam, i tell the professor that i sent him the exam via email and he was like..."yeah i figured you would finish it before everyone else." so i leave school and head to the gym... by the way i think that i have turned into a gym rat of sorts...but don't judge me...cause i won't really care if you do anyways, just wasted breath in the long run...and so during the workout of a life time everyone and their mom is bothering me... i always wear headphones so that i don't have to talk to people and answer questions like... "what kinda supps are you taking?, and are you on steroids, or how did you get so big?" anyways... i just work out and don't like it when people interupt my special time... if you will... i realize that sounds a little gay, but you know, it's important to me so i do what i can. after the work out of a lifetime i come home to go swimming and this is where the story really begins and ends... i am standing at the deep end of the pool with my brother on the shallow end steps when he gets out and meanders towards me... yeah you can see where this is going... so he gets the the deep end and looks over at me, and i know whats coming because there is no reason for him to come to the deep end other than to push me in...and he does exactly that... man that water was cold. the end.

l3unny OUT


  1. Blogger Emmilie | March 28, 2009 at 10:14 PM |  

    You seriously got banned from Chatham?! That is so sad! Yet I laughed a little bit, in a shocked way, because that so would happen! But sadness!!!

  2. Blogger Jared | March 29, 2009 at 8:59 AM |  

    yeah, it kinda sucks but, we can appeal it or whatever you wanna call it to the head of security at Vista, so it should be ok...