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ok so here's the deal...

ever wonder why in love triangles no one wins...? me too. cuz they suck.

ok so before i get into the gushy ball your eyes out crap that is the title of this post...
have you ever had the opportunity to experience some of the tender mercies of the Lord? dumb question i know because everyone alive has and continues to experience these... but seriously... ok so heres the story as i know it to be... a couple of hours ago i got a email/txt whatever about my phone bill being due...not exactly what i was expecting to have grace the screen of my phone as i am at the gym... 1. it interrupted my song that i was jamming out to, 2. it totally started a crashing effect to the rest of my day... up until this point. now it's ok so you don't have to console me or anything like that. ok so i get home wondering how much my bill is and when i open the email you would never believe the amount... (don't worry it wasn't like "haha i don't have a balance" like you would expect to read because then that would mean that i would be in a great mood) but alas i digress...comes to find out that my bill is near 300 dollars......yeah "wtf", is the first thing that comes to my mind. you know how it is... i don't even call anyone... so i go out to check my bank account and realize that i have been pretty spendy (is that a word) as of late (also translates to not enough to pay the bill), but no worries... and to make this long story shorter, i went out to check the mail because i know he (the mailman) has been to the house to grace myself with more bills, when after looking through the mail i notice that i got a letter from a company that i subcontracted with... holy crap... what could it be, nothing other than a check that i wasn't expecting for another month because i am still not finished with the clients/job, but the lord saw fit and knew that what i needed at this moment was that check so that i could pay my extravagant phone bill and still be able to meet the rest of my obligations. ladies and gentlemen, if you have any doubt as to whether the lord watches over us and knows our every need then i suggest that you stick you head in the sand and let a bird perch itself on your back as you bake in the sun... and then when you get a hold of yourself, pull your head out and allow the lord to show how much he cares for our well being.... ok so more on the love triangles in the next edition of ...... what ever you want to call it.
l3unny OUT